Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Tips {And A Delicious Alternative}

Over the years, I’ve had to become a connoisseur of gluten free cuisine. I’ve been able to find a lot of different ways to adapt recipes so we can still enjoy our favorite foods without sacrificing our health.  But anyone who regularly uses gluten free substitutes knows that some recipes work out better than others. … Read more

A Hazelnut Spread to Knock Your Socks Off | Homemade (Gluten-Free) Nutella

When I was younger, Nutella was a big thing. Then it kind of fell by the wayside as a pantry staple, but in the last few years, this heavenly chocolate hazelnut spread has resurfaced as the ingredient of choice for all kinds of tasty desserts! What Is Nutella? Nutella is a hazelnut spread that was … Read more

Berry Cobbler {Gluten Free, Easy, and Delicious}

I love cobbler. (But really, who doesn’t?)  Peach cobbler is probably the most popular type of cobbler, but a berry cobbler is equally as delicious. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Britta came across this recipe in a magazine for a gluten-free cobbler with a berry filling. I was excited to try it because … Read more

How To Make The Best (And Easiest) Cheesecake Ever

I used to think cheesecake was too hard to make at home, until I tried THIS recipe. Not only is it so easy that it’s basically foolproof, it’s also unbelievably delicious!

How To Make A Crustless Pumpkin Pie (& Why You’d Want To)

Perhaps you’re already thinking to yourself, “Jillee, why on earth would I want to make a crustless pumpkin pie?? It’s blasphemy!” Well I’m glad you asked! I came up with three reasons why you might want to make a crustless pumpkin pie, starting with the reason I made it… because you or someone you love can’t … Read more

How To Make An Unbelievably Delicious Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower in a pizza crust? I know, I know… it sounds crazy, right? Before you dismiss the idea, consider the possibility that it might just be so crazy that it actually works! That’s the assumption I was working on when I decided to give these cauliflower pizza crusts a try. Since No. 2 Son was diagnosed … Read more

Restaurant-Style Salsa You Make In Your Blender!

This is the quickest, easiest, most delicious Restaurant Style Salsa I’ve ever made! Bar none. I spied this recipe on Pinterest and immediately knew I had to try it! As fate would have it, this recipe turns out to be from a blogger that lives less than 1/2 an hour from me! I’ve since had the pleasure of getting to … Read more

How to Make Delicious Gluten-Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns…No, Really!

If you eat gluten-free, or one of your friends or family members does, then hopefully you already know about my gluten-free bread that doesn’t suck. Even after 3 years, this recipe is still one of the most consistently popular gluten-free recipes on my blog, and it’s also still my family’s very favorite for gluten-free bread … Read more

Easy Sheet-Pan Chicken with Rosemary Potatoes

I’ve posted several recipes over the years for “one-pot meals” (like Veggie Risotto, Southwest Chicken & Rice, and Unstuffed Bell Peppers to name a few) those wonderfully simple recipes that you only need one pot or pan to make. I’ve become quite the fan of one-pot meals, so much so that recipes that require more than … Read more

How To Make Mini Taco Bowls In Minutes!

It’s not uncommon to start to feel a bit bored with your family meals when you have a pretty standard meal rotation, so mixing things up by making “miniaturized” versions of your favorite foods is a fun way to add a little excitement to the menu! Today’s taco “recipe” is similar to one I posted a while ago here … Read more

The Best Creamy Vanilla Rice Pudding

Rice pudding had traditionally been a very polarizing treat in my family. There are those that simply can’t get enough of it, but there are also those (not naming names…Erik!) who have never cared for it. There’s just something about sweet rice that throws some people off. That was up until I used THIS particular recipe to make rice … Read more

How To Enjoy Tomatoes In The Wintertime!

I love tomatoes! During the summertime, I can’t get enough of these seasonal beauties! Fresh tomatoes from my own garden, or from a local farmer’s market just can’t be beat! But when it comes to enjoying tomatoes in the winter, it’s usually a disappointment! Winter tomatoes have an odd texture, and they just don’t have the same flavor … Read more

Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas

This enchilada recipe has become a frequent request from the family, especially for birthday dinners! I love how easy they are to make; that I can use flour or corn tortillas (to make them gluten-free;) and that they are just SO darn delicious! Admittedly, this recipe is not the healthiest in my recipe repertoire, but who doesn’t love … Read more

How To Make These Adorable Little Ghost Sugar Cookies

This post was supposed to be all about these cute little ghosts…but somewhere along the line it became much more!  At least for those of us who live in this house. Allow me to explain. In my never-ending search to find a good gluten free flour, I recently purchased a bag of Cup 4 Cup … Read more

One Brownie Recipe, 13 Delicious Variations!

Most of us probably already have a good brownie recipe in our cooking repertoire. (If not, check out our favorite one below.) This timeless classic is definitely a crowd-pleaser especially when you take into account all the different variations available to please almost every palate. The combinations of chocolate and other flavors is virtually endless….but today … Read more

Easy One-Dish Fall Dinners

One-dish dinners are great for any time of the year, but fall (at least in the northern hemisphere) is a particularly great time to make them. Not only are they quick and easy to make, but you can make them extra tasty (and healthy!) by incorporating some of your favorite harvest veggies! I found a … Read more

Gluten-Free Lemon-Blueberry Bundt Cake

I’ve recently become enamored with my bundt pan! I’ve started making all our birthday cakes in it and lots of other things too. Can you say Amish Friendship Bread CAKE? 🙂 Try it, you’ll like it! There’s just something about making delicious goodies in a bundt pan…they look pretty and; they’re easy to cut and serve, and … Read more