· Food & Recipes · Celebrate The World Cup With Food & Fun!
Food & Recipes · Celebrate The World Cup With Food & Fun!

Celebrate The World Cup With Food & Fun!

We have some VERY big soccer fans in our family! My daughter Britta and her husband Neil have season ticket to Real Salt Lake games – the professional soccer team in Utah, and my son Erik and his wife Kaitlyn are also frequent attendees. They have been trying to get me to a game for awhile now, but while I haven’t made one YET, our whole family has been caught up with all the excitement of the World Cup this month…especially with two RSL players on the U.S. team. 🙂

So in honor of the FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil this year…AND the U.S. team playing Portugal TODAY…Britta and I decided to put together a World Cup celebration of our own. We had fun doing some simple decorations…but the REAL star of this celebration was the FOOD! Those Brazilians sure know how to eat!

We decided to reprise a couple of recipes we’ve done before on the blog….Brazilian Lemonade and Brazilian Cheese Rolls!

The lemonade is a wonderfully refreshing summer drink with a special creamy twist! I could drink this stuff all day long! You can find the recipe here: Brazilian Lemonade.

The cheese rolls (otherwise known as Pao de Queijo) are a recipe we got from our Brazilian friend, Ashley. They are so quick and easy to whip up in your blender AND they are gluten-free. Once you start eating them, you won’t be able to stop!

The cheese rolls turned out to be the perfect complement to the star attraction of our meal….the Brazilian Grilled Sirloin with Chimichurri Sauce! Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t stop thinking about this dish! I can honestly say it was one of the most delicious new recipes I’ve tried in a long time! I am actually planning on making it again today! 🙂

The sirloin tip is the perfect cut of meat for this dish, but it could also be made with flank steak or hanger steak. But what makes this recipe REALLY special is the SAUCE! I was a little leery of it at first after seeing all the spices Britta put into it (because I’m basically a spicy food wimp,) but it wasn’t spicy HOT at all…it was simply FULL of FLAVOR!! Take my word for it and give this a try….rápido! (See recipe at the end of the post.)

Dessert was store-bought sugar cookies (or you could make up a batch of my Mom’s delicious Sour Cream Cookies) that we frosted to look like soccer balls. Very easy, very fun!

As far as the decorations for our little World Cup soiree…they were simple but festive (my favorite kind of decor!) Soccer ball chinese lanterns and a DIY crepe paper bunting in the colors of Brazil set the stage.

The “tablecloth” was created with pieces of cardstock taped together and then sprinkled with soccer ball confetti.

We stayed mostly with the black & white soccer ball + green & yellow of Brazil theme…but couldn’t help throwing in a little “red, white, and blue” in the form of accordion folded napkins as a nod to the U.S. team playing Portugal today! GO USA! 🙂

Finally, we decided to make a simple BINGO game as a little added fun during the game! Just print out the card below, pass them out and play along during the next World Cup match. Mark off a square as each element pops up in the game. First one to get 5 in a row yells “BINGO!” and wins an extra soccer ball cookie. 😉

Download the printable cards here…or click on the picture below.

Now you’re ready to join the 3.2 billion other fans who will be watching and celebrating the World Cup around the world! Have fun!


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