· Holidays · Christmas · How To Make Christmas Tree Napkins & More Festive Table Decor
Holidays · Christmas · How To Make Christmas Tree Napkins & More Festive Table Decor

How To Make Christmas Tree Napkins & More Festive Table Decor

These simple and beautiful table decor ideas are sure to impress.

I came across this idea the other day, and it was love at first sight! (Okay, slight exaggeration…) But I knew I wanted to have these cute Christmas tree napkins on my table for our Christmas Eve dinner, so I sat down to learn how to do it. It’s actually really simple to do, even though it may look a little intimidating!

Once I had mastered the Christmas tree fold, I started thinking about other Christmas table decor options. A little internet browsing yielded some really cute ideas, and I wanted to share them with you all! I certainly don’t go “all out” on a lavish Christmas dining set up, but I love adding a few decorations to a table to make it feel extra special! So today I’m sharing a tutorial for folding Christmas tree napkins, followed by a few more napkin ideas, and then some general table decor ideas from around the web. Happy decorating! 🙂

How to Fold a Christmas Tree Napkin

All you need for this is… you guessed it, a cloth napkin. A green napkin works best, but any color will do!

Start by folding your napkin in half twice, giving you a square shape. Turn it so the corner with the loose edges is facing towards you.

Take the corner of the top layer and fold it up towards the top. Place it about 1/2″ down from the top of the napkin. Repeat this motion on the remaining 3 layers, to create 5 “tiers.”

Carefully flip the napkin face down, making sure that everything stays in place. (You can press the napkin with an iron first to make it easier!)

Take the left corner in hand and fold it over to the right. Place it along the right side so that the top edge of that section creates a straight line across the napkin.

Repeat this step with the right corner to create your tree shape.

Flip the napkin away from you, so that the first side you worked on is showing and the point of the tree is at the top.

Starting with the layer closest to the top, fold each corner upwards. Each successive layer will be tucked under the one before it.

The bottom layer is a folded corner, rather than a single layer, but you’ll fold it just the same as the other layers.

Once you finish that, you’re done! How cute is that?! Feel free to add a little star or bow to the top of your napkin tree, if you want. Your dinner guests are sure to be impressed!

Other Festive Napkin Folds

Click on the underlined title for full details and instructions.

3D Christmas Tree

from Howcast

Elf Hat

from Good Housekeeping

Elf Shoe

from Instructables

Pouch Napkin

from Living Locurto

Bow Tie

from Martha Stewart

More Decor Ideas For Your Christmas Table

Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

from Say Yes

Christmas Ornament Tree

from Arctida’s Creations

Easy Cranberry Centerpiece

from Rosyscription

Cranberry and Candle Centerpiece

from Rosyscription

Magazine Trees

from Tara Dennis

Mini Berry Votives

from Kristin Eldridge Photography

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