· Homekeeping · Cleaning · This Is The Best Cleaning Spray You Can Make For Greasy Messes
Homekeeping · Cleaning · This Is The Best Cleaning Spray You Can Make For Greasy Messes

This Is The Best Cleaning Spray You Can Make For Greasy Messes

When my stovetop is really greasy, I reach right for this simple homemade cleaning spray.

If I had to choose a favorite feature of my stove, it would definitely be the cast iron griddle that’s built into the center of it. It turns out that little griddle is very useful for a lot of different things, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t use it primarily to cook bacon. 🙂 (My youngest son loves bacon for breakfast, and I love BLTs for lunch, so you can imagine how much bacon we cook up on that griddle!)

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While it’s nice to have an easy and convenient way to cook up bacon on my stovetop, it doesn’t make it any less MESSY. There’s one big drawback to cooking bacon on my griddle, and that’s the greasy mess it leaves behind! I originally struggled to clean up bacon grease off my stovetop, but I knew there had to be a better way. I needed something specifically formulated to deal with a really greasy mess! And after some good old fashioned internet sleuthing, I came across just the thing: a homemade citrus degreaser!

This simple formula couldn’t be easier to put together, and it works wonderfully. The main grease-fighting ingredient is lemon essential oil. Lemons have a compound called limonene that cuts right through grease, as well as helping to clean and disinfect. When combined with a little baking soda and castile soap for added cleaning power, the lemon oil turns into a great degreasing spray, and the perfect cleaner for any kind of greasy mess! Here’s how you can make it at home.

Homemade Citrus Degreaser Spray



Mix all of the ingredients together in a spray bottle.

Spray mixture on greasy messes and wipe with a damp towel (microfiber works wonderfully!) Once the surface is clean, shine it up with a dry microfiber cloth.

I’ve been super pleased with how this cleaner works on my stove top. My husband has also used it to get a greasy spot out of the upholstery in his truck!

An added bonus of using citrus in your homemade cleaner? It makes everything smell clean too! 🙂

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