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Homekeeping · Cleaning · 7 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Making Your Life Harder

7 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Making Your Life Harder

Cleaning is already hard enough, so make sure you're not doing these 7 things that make it even harder.

Keeping your house clean is rewarding to an extent, because it leaves you with a clean house to relax in and enjoy. However, the act of cleaning itself isn’t really all that fun, so to best any of us can do is try to make it as quick and easy as possible!

Unfortunately, many of us are our own worst enemies in this regard. Because a lot of us do all sorts of silly things that end up making cleaning harder than it has to be!

And those cleaning mistakes are what today’s post is all about. Or rather, it’s about identifying those cleaning mistakes that are making your life harder, and learning some simple strategies that will help you avoid them in the future.

7 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Making Your Life Harder

1. Scrubbing Your Carpets

Scrubbing can be useful when it comes to cleaning your dishes, but it’s not great for your carpets or rugs! When you scrub at a carpet stain, you risk  on you forcing the stain deeper into the fibers or even damaging the fibers themselves.

Instead, apply a carpet stain cleaner to the stain and blot it with a wet towel. Blotting will help pull the stain out of the carpet without damaging it in the process.

2. Cleaning Windows In Circles

For truly clean and streak-free windows, don’t use a circular motion to clean them. Instead, wipe the surface in a horizontal motion first, then wipe it again in a vertical motion.

3. Using The Wrong Carpet Cleaner

When it comes to removing carpet stains, it’s important to use the right tools for the job. And that means resisting the temptation to reach for your favorite laundry stain remover!

Laundry stain removers are meant to be fully rinsed out in the wash, but it’s nearly impossible to rinse anything entirely out of your carpet without using heavy duty cleaning equipment. That’s why it’s important to use a carpet-specific stain remover, because you’ll get better results and do less damage to your carpeting.

Another option is to use my favorite DIY solution for tackling tough carpet stains, which you can learn about in this post.

4. Being Impatient

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from experimenting with homemade cleaning and laundry solutions throughout the past decade, it’s that a little patience can go a long way!

That’s why so many of my favorite cleaning and laundry tips that I’ve shared here on my blog involve some amount of wait time. Allowing cleaning products to “sit” gives them time to penetrate more deeply into messes and grime.

So the next time you’re tackling a stubborn stain or a caked-on mess, remember that patience is a virtue and try letting it sit for a bit! 🙂

5. Using Soap On Cast Iron

A good cast iron pan is an invaluable tool in the kitchen, but it’s important to know how to care for them correctly. While most kitchen materials can be cleaned up with soapy water, cast iron is not one of them!

Soapy water will remove the “seasoned” layer on the surface of your cast iron, making it more likely that food will stick to the pan in the future. To learn how to safely clean cast iron, read my post about caring for cast iron here.

6. Overfilling Your Vacuum Canister

If your vacuum canister is constantly packed full of dust and dirt, it’s probably impeding your vacuum’s airflow. This can wear out your vacuum’s motor over time, to the point where it eventually loses suction altogether.

Instead, just make it a habit to empty the canister every time you use your vacuum. It may not be strictly necessary, but once it’s a habit you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do it!

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7. Cleaning Your Floors First

If your floors are obviously dirty, it can be tempting to focus on them first on cleaning day. But if you do, you’ll only be making more work for yourself later on!

The most efficient way to clean a room is to start at the top and work your way down. That way, you don’t have to worry about pushing dust and dirt onto a clean floor, which could make you backtrack and waste precious time.

By cleaning your floors last, you’re ensuring that every speck of loose dust and dirt will get picked up right as you finish cleaning. It’s an easy way to leave a room as clean as possible!

Share your own hard-won cleaning wisdom in a comment below!

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