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Homekeeping · Cleaning · 7 Cleaning Myths You Should Stop Wasting Time On

7 Cleaning Myths You Should Stop Wasting Time On

Many of us have been duped by these age-old cleaning tips. Find out what they are so you can cut them out of your cleaning routine!

At the risk of being the bearer of bad news, some tried-and-true methods shouldn’t always be tried and they aren’t always true! In fact, sometimes there’s a very good reason for leaving “the old way of doing things” behind.

For instance, I recently learned that some of the cleaning tips and tricks touted by my parents and grandparents (and even professionals in the hospitality industry) not only don’t work, but can actually make messes worse. In today’s blog post, we’ll be exploring seven of the most pervasive cleaning myths that aren’t nearly as effective as they claim to be!

7 Cleaning Myths That Waste Your Time & Effort

Myth #1: Newspaper Gives Glass A Streak-Free Shine

While it used to be true that using a bunched-up newspaper to clean your window would leave behind a streak-free shine, unfortunately, times have changed. Today’s newspaper is much thinner than it used to be, meaning it disintegrates far quicker and leaves you with a wet, pulpy mess. Buff your mirrors and glass with a microfiber cloth instead.

Myth #2: Tea Bags Can Deodorize Stinky Shoes

Dry tea bags may be absorbent enough to improve the odor of stinky shoes, it’s far from the most effective option. Rather than waste those precious antioxidant-rich leaves, remove the odor with one of these effective hacks for stinky shoes instead!

Myth #3: Cleaning Solutions Work Instantly

While I often say that many of my favorite store-bought and DIY cleaning solutions work like magic, sometimes magic takes time! Most cleaning solutions work best when you give them little bit of time to work. Wiping away solutions too early will make little difference to the stain or mess, making it a huge waste of product.

Myth #4: Sprinkling Salt On A Stain Will Remove It

Treating stains with salt won’t help remove it—in fact, it might actually make it worse! Salt can set certain stains, making them impossibly difficult to remove. Instead, make sure to always treat stains as quickly as possible. 

Blot to remove as much of the staining substances as you can, then rinse the area with cool water. If water alone doesn’t remove the stain entirely, my DIY stain remover spray should take care of the rest of it!

Myth #5: String Mops Wipe Up More Dirt

Some people tout the string mop as the most effective type of mop for cleaning up dirty floors, but that’s not exactly the case. While string mops are very absorbent and great at mopping up big spills, they’re not the most effective at picking up dirt and grime. If you really want to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind on the floor, skip the string mop and opt for a mop with a microfiber cleaning pad instead.

Myth #6: Air Fresheners Clean The Air

Don’t let your nose fool you! Products that advertise their “fresh” or “clean” scent don’t necessarily remove more dirt or kill more germs. In fact, most of the time these scents aren’t doing anything but adding more chemicals to your environment!

If you’re looking for a natural scent that can truly help freshen up your space, opt for an essential oil diffuser instead. Essential oils capture the natural aromas of the plants they come from, and many of them have air purifying properties. You might also consider investing in some air purifying house plants too!

Myth #7: Putting Vinegar On A Cutting Board Prevents Onion Tears

I really wanted this one to not be a myth, because I hate tearing up while cutting onions as much as the next person! But unfortunately, the only difference I experienced from putting vinegar on my cutting board is that I had more of a mess to clean up afterward, because it did nothing to stop the tears from falling!

Instead, check out these tricks that do actually work to help you avoid crying while cutting onions!

Do you have a favorite cleaning tip that actually saves you time and effort?

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