· Homekeeping · Cleaning · 11 Strange-But-True Ways To Clean Things With Food
Homekeeping · Cleaning · 11 Strange-But-True Ways To Clean Things With Food

11 Strange-But-True Ways To Clean Things With Food

Your parents told you not to play with your food, but they didn't say anything about cleaning with it!

I have a few different criteria for what kinds of tips I share here on my blog. First and foremost, they have to be useful! I’m passionate about sharing practical information, because that’s the kind of stuff I care about reading too! But if I find a tip that happens to be useful AND unexpected, that’s even better in my book. 🙂 I love being surprised by tips and solutions that might seem a bit crazy at first glance. And I hope you feel the same way, because today’s post is packed with surprising tips!

Today I’ll be sharing 11 different ways you can use food items to clean things. I think you’ll be surprised at how useful food can be for keeping things clean and tidy around the house! A few of these tips come from other lists of tips that I’ve written in the past, so feel free to follow the links I’ve provided for even more surprising and useful tips and tricks!

11 Things You Can Clean With Food

1. Clean Cutting Boards With Lemons

Food prep surfaces like your cutting board need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to keep things sanitary. You can do it in just a couple of minutes using coarse salt and a lemon! Just sprinkle the coarse salt all over your cutting board, and give it a good scrub using half of a lemon. The lemon juice helps kill bacteria and food odors, and the salt scrubs the surface clean. Then just rinse your board and let it dry completely before using. (For even more ways to clean with lemons, check out the link below!)

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2. Clean Grills With Onions

Use half an onion to scrub the grate of your barbecue grill clean! Just stick half of an onion onto the end of a grilling fork, then rub the cut side on your grill grate to give it a good cleaning.

3. Clean Graters With Potatoes

Box graters are very handy for grating cheese, but they can be really difficult to clean afterwards! The proteins in dairy products like cheese cause it to stick like glue to the side of your grater. The secret to removing the cheese residue from your grater is to use a potato! Just grate a bit of potato after you finish grating cheese, and the potato will pick up the bits of leftover cheese from the surface. The remaining potato residue will be much easier to rinse away than the cheese would have been!

4. Clean Grinders With Rice

If you have a blade grinder at home for grinding coffee or spices, here’s a simple way to clean it. Just toss in a small handful of uncooked rice, and pulse the rice several times. This will sweep away the residues that are stuck to the inside of the grinder and the blade. (If you have a burr grinder, use puffed rice cereal instead. It’s softer, but still does the trick nicely!)

5. Fix Scuffs With Walnuts

There’s no way to avoid scuffs and scrapes on your wood furniture. But there is an way to make those scuffs and scrapes “disappear!” Just rub a walnut along the visible scuffs. The walnut will blend into the color of the wood, making the scuffs much less noticeable. Your furniture will look good as new!

6. Polish Shoes With Bananas

This might sound strange, but you can actually use a banana peel to give your shoes a nice shine! Just rub the inside of a banana peel onto your shoes, then buff with a clean, soft cloth until they’re nice and shiny. It works because bananas contain potassium, and potassium is actually a common ingredient in shoe polishes.

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7. Remove Stickers With Peanut Butter

Some stickers just will not come off all the way, no matter how hard you try! But peanut butter can help you get rid of that stubborn sticker residue easily. Just smear a thick layer of peanut butter onto the sticker residue, and let it sit for a few hours. The fat content will dissolve the adhesive, and you’ll be able to rub the sticker residue right off!

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8. Clean Toilets With Cola

This is one of those facts they used to tell us about in health classes about why sugary sodas are so bad for you. But it really does work, so why not use it? 🙂 Pour a can of cola into your toilet bowl, and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. Then just give it a good scrub, and your toilet will be shiny and clean!

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9. Pick Up Glass With Bread

After breaking a glass, you can usually pick up the bigger pieces without a problem. But it can be hard to tell if you’ve picked up all the smaller pieces, and no one wants to step on broken glass! An easy way to pick up those tiny pieces is by using a piece of bread. Just press it to the floor in the area where the glass was broken, and the bread will grab onto any tiny glass pieces that may have evaded your cleaning efforts.

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10. Shine Plants With Mayo

I love brightening up a room with faux plants, but they can start to look dull and drab once they collect a bit of dust. But they are easily revitalized with a dab of mayo! Use a clean soft cloth to apply a very thin layer of mayo to the leaves of the plant. The oil will leave them shiny and looking great!

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11. Clean Disposals With Citrus

Garbage disposals can develop all kinds of yucky residues and unpleasant smells if they aren’t cleaned regularly. My favorite way to clean my disposal is by making frozen vinegar and lemon cubes. They clean and deodorize my disposal in seconds, and they couldn’t be easier to make. Check out the full instructions at the link below!

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