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Clear The Clutter – Save & Earn Cash!

Yesterday, with the help of my friend Natali, I did some “spring cleaning” of my office. I couldn’t believe all the STUFF I had cluttering up the space! Not only does extra clutter take up valuable real estate, it actually COSTS us money just having it around! Today we’re talking about how much our clutter is costing us and how getting rid of it can not only SAVE us $$ but might even make us a few extra bucks in the process!

How much your clutter is costing you?

Clutter in your closet:

Americans waste 9 million hours per day looking for misplaced items! Sometimes we have so much crammed in our closets we don’t even know what we really have and end up buying multiples of the same item! Clear out your closet and save time AND money! Sell your castoffs at Threadflip.com. They will even send you a prepaid shipping pouch!

Clutter in your car:

For every extra 100 pounds in your car, its fuel economy can fall up to 2 percent, according to the US Dept of Energy. PLUS, all the extra weight causes additional wear and tear on your car and tires. Move that stuff to the garage (or better yet, have a garage SALE) and you’ll save on gas and maintenance!

Clutter in your bathroom:

An online survey by Escentual.com found that the average woman has up to $2,968.00 worth of makeup and medicine in their bathrooms but most only use $494.00 worth! That’s $2,474.00 WASTED! The key to saving money here is to buy smarter. Don’t buy too much at one time. It’s likely to expire before you use it all up. Also, if you buy something and don’t like it when you get it home, instead of tossing it in the basket under the sink, consider returning them to the store for a full refund, even in their used condition. .

Clutter in your freezer:

American families throw away up to $2,275.00 in food every year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Most of that waste is taking place in the FREEZER. We buy in bulk to save money and then forget about it. The solution: label freezer bags with the date when you put it in and attempt to use it within 6 months. Also, post an inventory list on the freezer (and refrigerator) and keep it well-stocked. Freezers and refrigerators run more efficiently when full. These changes could save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

How to turn clutter in CASH

Books – If you’re selling books, Amazon’s trade-in program is great. Simply log on to amazon.com/trade-in and input the ISBN or name of the book. You’ll see a yellow button labeled “Trade-in” and the amount Amazon will pay for it. Answer some questions about the condition of the book, print a postage label, and pop it in the mail.

Craft supplies – A lot of people think you can only sell homemade goods on Etsy.com, but you can also sell all kinds of craft-related supplies. Look for trends. After “Frozen” became so popular…anything sparkly, blue, or snowflake was guaranteed to sell!

Old dishes – You may know Replacements.com as a place to buy dishes that are no longer being manufactured…but you can also sell pieces you no longer want or need. You can email them with what you have and they will email you back with an “offer to purchase” anything they are interested in. Just make sure all your items are in excellent condition.

Jewelry – If you have fine jewelry you are looking to sell, head to your local jeweler. Many will take a look at it and make you a cash offer.  Make sure to check eBay.com or a used jewelry site for prices of similar items to make sure you’re getting a fair offer.

CDs – Sites like iPodMeister.com will buy your unwanted CDs and records for credit, or if you prefer, you can get cash – they’ll send you a check. On average they pay .25 cents to $2.50 per CD. If you choose to accept credit, sending in 200 CDs can get you an iPhone 5C, and 300 will get you a Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Electronics – Look for ecoATMs popping up at Walmart stores, grocery stores, and shopping malls. These kiosks take smartphones, tablets and MP3 players and offer cash on the spot as incentive to recycle them. You must be 18 years of age, present ID, and provide a thumbprint. Just be sure to deactivate and clear your devices.

Miscellaneous – Join a Facebook “tag sale” group that is local to your town or area so you can list items without have to ship them. A great place to sell kids’ toys, clothes, furniture and exercise equipment. If you can’t find a group nearby, you can always post on your own timeline.

Clearing home clutter has a very high return on investment. You’ll no longer feel weighed down by all that STUFF, you’ll feel energized by your space, and you’ll pour that energy into more productive activities! A win, win, WIN! 🙂

What are your clutter trouble spots?

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