· Bright Ideas · This Is The One Thing That Actually Got Me To Take My Vitamins
Bright Ideas · This Is The One Thing That Actually Got Me To Take My Vitamins

This Is The One Thing That Actually Got Me To Take My Vitamins

I was never very consistent about taking my vitamins, but this makes it so easy!

This post is sponsored by Care/of. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

Picture your medicine cabinet, or wherever you keep vitamins and supplements in your house. If it’s anything like mine was a week ago, you’re probably picturing a cupboard full of bottles you haven’t opened in months, or even years!

And there are probably plenty of bottles of supplements you bought to help treat a certain condition, but eventually forgot about and shoved the back of the cupboard. Well I say it’s time to clear out that medicine cabinet! (After all, who couldn’t use more space to store other things, right?)

I recently discovered a service that makes clearing out your medicine cabinet easier than you’d ever imagine it could be: Care/of! Care/of offers personalized once-a-day packs of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that are customized to fit your health needs and goals. New shipments are sent out monthly, and each shipment contains 30 individual packs (with your name printed right on them!)

It takes the guesswork out of your daily vitamin routine, so you can finally toss out those old bottles that have been collecting dust in your medicine cabinet.

How Does It Work?

When I decided to give Care/of a try, I started by taking a simple survey that would determine which vitamins and supplements would be right for me. The survey is quick, and I was done in just a few minutes! I answered questions about my lifestyle, like what I eat and how much I exercise, and I also answered questions about my specific health concerns, like if had ever been told I need more iron, if I had trouble sleeping, and if I had trouble concentrating. (The answer was a resounding “yes” on all three counts, of course.) Once I completed the survey, I was able to view my vitamin and supplement recommendations instantly!

I admit that I was initially hesitant about starting a vitamin and supplement routine based on the results of a 5-minute survey. But once I viewed my recommendations, I was sold! Each recommendation provided information about the benefits of that particular vitamin, mineral, or supplement, as well as details about scientific research that supports those claims. You can even read about where each vitamin or supplement is sourced! The whole process really appealed to me, because I like making well-informed decisions, but I don’t have a lot of extra time to spend tracking down information about various supplements.

Another aspect about Care/of that really appeals to me is their packaging and design. I don’t have to spend extra time shaking capsules out of bottles every morning, because all of my vitamins come in individual daily packs! So even when I’m rushing out of the house in the morning, I can just grab my daily pack and stick it my purse. It really couldn’t be any easier, or any more convenient.

What Does It Cost?

As far as what you can expect to pay for Care/of, it depends on what you order. The price of your monthly shipment is based on the prices of the individual vitamins and supplements in your “pack.” For instance, my pack includes 5 different supplements for a total of $36 per month. (And I don’t have to pay shipping fees, because orders over $20 ship for free!) You can find more pricing information at TakeCareOf.com.

A Special Offer For OGT Readers!

Now that I have my Care/of packs, I can start clearing all of those old bottles out of my medicine cabinet. It’s a task that’s long overdue, and I feel like I finally have the motivation to tackle it! I’m already daydreaming about what else I can use that extra cupboard space for! 🙂 If you’re interested in trying Care/of for yourself, they’ve generously offered a special discount just for OGT readers! Get 25% off your first month’s order when you use the code ONEGOODTHING. Click here to get started!

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