· Homekeeping · Laundry · The One Easy Thing That Keeps Collared Shirts Looking New
Homekeeping · Laundry · The One Easy Thing That Keeps Collared Shirts Looking New

The One Easy Thing That Keeps Collared Shirts Looking New

I never liked how collared shirts looked permanently rumpled after a few washes, but then I learned this simple hack that fixed the problem for good!

I used to think of collared shirts as being a bit like a fresh haircut. They look sharp and neat when they’re brand new, but they start looking more “lived-in” after just one or two washes.

But after a recent discovery, I now realize that I simply lacked the know-how to preserve that crisp, brand new look of a collared shirt. This hack has already been paying huge dividends in terms of the appearances of the collared shirts in our house, so I couldn’t wait to pass it on to all of you in this post!

With the help of the one simple hack you’ll learn in this post, you’ll be able to retain that crisp look of a new collared shirt for a lot longer. You (or your spouse or kids, for that matter) will look more put together, feel more confident, and save money because you’ll be taking better care of those shirts!

The Simple Secret That Will Save Your Collared Shirts

Making one simple adjustment your laundry routine can extend the lifespan of a collared shirt dramatically. And all you have to do is unbutton all the buttons and flip the collar up before putting it in the wash!

Why Flip Up The Collar Before Washing?

Performing this one simple step before laundering a collared shirt can have several different benefits, including:

1. Less Stretching In The Wash

With the collar unbuttoned, the collar tips and button holes won’t get stretched out in the wash. Less collar stretching means snug buttons, a collar that lies flat, and crisper, cleaner edges all the way around.

2. Less Wear On The Buttons

A buttoned button gets pulled and stretched a lot during an average wash cycle, weakening the stitching that keeps the buttons in place. Just by unbuttoning your shirt before washing it, you can protect the buttons so that they last longer.

3. More Thorough Cleaning

With the collar unfastened and flipped up, both sides of the collar will get a more thorough cleaning during the wash cycle. This helps to eliminate sweat and body oil buildup that can affect the shirt’s collar and even lead to permanent stains!

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BONUS: Flip The Collar Before Hanging, Too

It’s not just how you wash a collared shirt that can make a big difference. The way you hang shirts in your closet can have an impact too!

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To keep shirt collars looking nice and prevent them from being flattened, creased, or misshapen by the other items in your closet, hang the shirt with the collar flipped up and the top button fastened.

The collar will stay nice and straight while the shirt is hanging in your closet, and you’ll find it much easier to create a nice crease when you put it on to wear it. (In a hurry? Use your hair straightener to quickly “iron” the collar!)

Do you use any tips or tricks to keep your collared shirts looking nice?

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