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Bright Ideas · Organization · Hate Messy Cords? This Is The Best $8 You’ll Ever Spend

Hate Messy Cords? This Is The Best $8 You’ll Ever Spend

Tired of seeing a bunch of appliance cords cluttering up your kitchen? Here's how I keep all of mine out of sight!

The organization hack I’ll be sharing with you today was originally included in a longer list of tips for using removable hooks and other adhesive organizers. However, this particular hack for cords was so brilliant that I don’t think its inclusion in that list really did it justice!

So I’ve decided to rectify that situation by making that tip the focus of today’s blog post. Because as you’ll soon see, this tip offers a brilliantly simple solution to an age-old problem, and tips like that deserve all the attention they can get! 🙂

The Problem: Too Many Cords In The Kitchen

I discovered this “hack” while looking for a solution to the cord crisis I was having in my kitchen. We have a few small kitchen appliances that I keep on my counters for easy access, but I wasn’t sure what to do with all those cords!

I didn’t want to leave them plugged in, because I know that many appliances consume power even when they’re not turned on. (Who wants to pay for power they aren’t actually using?)

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The Solution: Command Cord Bundlers

So I started searching for a storage solution for those cords, and that’s when I discovered them: Command Cord Bundlers.

You just stick one onto an appliance, and it will keep the coiled cord locked in place. I like to apply them to the back of the appliance so the cord is totally out of sight. (Oh, and if you ever want to remove the Cord Bundler for any reason, it’s easy to remove too!)

Thanks to the Command Cord Bundlers, my countertops look neater and tidier than ever! I put one on my blender and my stand mixer, and now I don’t know how I lived without them!

And these Cord Bundlers aren’t only useful for appliances either. You can hang them up in a closet or your garage to keep extension cords and holiday lights neatly coiled and tangle-free! If you’re anything like me, once you realize just how useful these things are, you will start finding ways to use them all over your house. 🙂

The one drawback I’ve found is that they’re not really suitable for surfaces that get really hot (like a toaster or a toaster oven, for example.) The heat will melt the adhesive that keeps the Cord Bundler stuck to the appliance, and it will likely fall off.

Do you have any tips, tricks, or products you use to keep your kitchen organized?

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