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Crafts & DIY Projects · Create A Perpetual Inspiration Wall For Under $50!

Create A Perpetual Inspiration Wall For Under $50!

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to a group of students at my alma mater on the benefits of being a girl tech nerd! 🙂  Well, OK, it wasn’t exactly called that, but that’s what it boiled down to. They are trying to encourage more women to choose careers in technology and they were relying on me to make it seem like a good idea!

Although I was a little surprised to see so many GUYS there…it was an absolute pleasure to talk about One Good Thing By Jillee and try to convey some of my enthusiasm for what I get to do everyday. It was so fun! Almost makes me wish I’d gone into teaching! Almost.

But seriously, I was genuinely honored to be there and hope I was able to inspire someone on some level to give techie stuff a try.

As a “visual aid” for my presentation I took my “Inspiration Wall” with me.  Not the actual WALL of course…but the inspiration I keep on it.

I created this little space when I did my Home Office Makeover earlier this year. I really wanted a spot in the room where I could display items, pictures, etc that would serve to create a spark when I was struggling with the creative process.

I had originally been looking for some sort of chalkboard or cork bulletin board to use as an “inspiration board”, but never could find quite what I was looking for.

Then I came across these cool (and inexpensive!) Ribba picture ledges at IKEA and my Perpetual Inspiration Wall was born!

I call it perpetual because it can change with the season, my mood, my current obsession….just about anything! 🙂

At Christmastime I changed most of the frames to seasonal stuff…and this month I have filled them all with some of my favorite sayings and quotes.

The shelves were $10 each and the frames (also from IKEA) were about $30. The different quotes, etc I found on the internet and simply printed on copy paper in my home printer. When I’m over a particular quote or picture, I simply replace it with a new one. Takes about one minute. Such a simple and fun way to do it.

This is literally the view from my desk. It’s so nice to look up when I’m having a difficult time writing…or just a difficult time in general and see my current selection of “words of wisdom”.

It never fails to…..I N S P I R E!

Do you have a place in your home that inspires you?

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