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Crafts & DIY Projects · Creating An Entryway {When You Don’t Have One}

Creating An Entryway {When You Don’t Have One}

My daughter Britta is celebrating her birthday and her 1-year wedding anniversary this month and as a gift to commemorate both I decided to help her give her apartment some home decor love!As you can see from the “Before” photos below, the apartment that she and her husband Neil share is a bit lacking in the “entryway” department — as in it doesn’t have one (unless a small mat for shoes is considered one!) 🙂

So last week Britta and I planned a mother-daughter date and met at JCPenney for some work & pleasure shopping! (Who am I kidding? When is shopping ever WORK?) 🙂

Since the newlyweds are in a 2-bedroom apartment we didn’t have a whole lot of space to work with, but Britta still had some definite issues she wanted to address.

She wanted somewhere to put shoes and coats (since there is only one entrance into their place); she also wanted a spot to deposit the usual things you need upon entering (or exiting) a home — keys, phones, sunglasses, etc. Finally, in addition to functionality, she also wanted to add something nice to look at!  I’m happy to say I think we definitely accomplished all three!

Since our budget wasn’t unlimited, we started our project with a few pieces Britta had purchased previously and just gave them new life in this area. The table, mirror, and rug were reassigned from other parts of the apartment.

With our “foundation” in place, Britta and I had fun scouring the JCPenney home decor department for those special extra touches we needed to complete the functionality and beauty of the space.

For shoes we chose this natural corn husk basket for the bottom shelf of the table. Without the option of a mud room, I really like this option. Keeps the shoes hidden but handy! In the winter months you could add a towel to the bottom of the basket to protect it.

To corral keys, phones, sunglasses, etc., we found this rustic but elegant hand-crafted matching platter and bowl in the kitchenware department and put them on top of a pretty botanical placemat.

For a little height, this porcelain candle holder we found in the clearance section of the same department fit the bill perfectly!

To brighten up the space, which until now had been sadly lacking in the lighting department, we found this beautiful hammered metal table lamp and square-cut empire lampshade. Once again, I love the rustic but elegant look and feel of it!

As you know, small things can make a big difference, so as finishing touches we added this marble base clock (because as you’re running out the door, it’s nice to know just how late you’re going to be!)

….and this gorgeous Happy Chic vase (see the Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler line here) that Britta and I immediately fell in love with when we saw it! As a matter of fact I’m seriously considering getting one of my own. I just love the unique shape! Perfect for the bottom shelf of the table.

Overall, it wasn’t a HUGE investment in time, money or effort… but I think you’ll agree it made all the difference! Thanks JCPenney for making my baby girl’s birthday/anniversary wish come true. 🙂

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