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Creative Uses for A Packet Of Taco Seasoning

Single-use seasonings, like taco seasoning, burger seasoning, or barbecue rubs, are more versatile than you might think! Taco seasoning in particular can be used in many different ways in the kitchen, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to finding ways to use this supposedly single-use seasoning mix. First things first; taco seasoning doesn’t have to come from a pouch. You can make your very own taco seasoning at home!

It’s basically just a mixture of spices that you probably already have in your cupboard, like chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, oregano, and a few others. Store your homemade taco seasoning in an airtight container or jar, and use it just like the store-bought stuff!

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So now that you have your own delicious homemade taco seasoning mix, what should you do with it? Well I’m glad you asked! 🙂

Uses for Taco Seasoning


Melissa from Hungry Food Love had the bright idea to use taco seasoning to add a pop of Mexican flavor to a favorite snack food – roasted chickpeas. You could add a bit of taco seasoning to turn up the flavor on just about any snack food, like almonds, popcorn, tater tots, or oyster crackers!


I can’t resist a good dip. And if that dip happens to be creamy, cheesy, and full of delicious taco-y flavor? Sign me up! This Cream Cheese Bean Dip from Lil Luna is seriously making my mouth water. Or how about this Cheesy Taco Beer Dip from Dad With A Pan?

Casseroles, Bakes, & Skillets

Adding taco seasoning to casseroles, bakes, and skillets is an easy way to add flavor, without having to guess about how much of which spices to use. With taco seasoning, you know you’ll get a good onion and garlic flavor, as well as a bit of spice! I highly recommend this One-Pan Enchilada Bake recipe from Damn Delicious; the whole family loved it!


One of my favorite ways to use taco seasoning is in soups! There are a million taco soup recipes out there (and even one here on my blog), but all you really need to whip up your own is taco seasoning, a couple of cans of beans, some canned tomatoes, some frozen or canned corn, and maybe a bell pepper or two. Throw in some rotisserie chicken and you’re ready to eat!

Sauces & Dressings

My favorite easy, thrown-together lunch is a salad with corn, black beans, and whatever else happens to be in my fridge. (Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, leftover chicken? Get em’ on there!) These salads can easily be called a “barbecue” salad, where my dressing is a simple mix of barbecue sauce and ranch, or a “taco” salad, if I top it with a zesty taco-seasoned dressing. Frugal Farm Wife has a great recipe for an easy Taco Salad Dressing.

In addition to flavoring dressings with taco seasoning, you can also flavor sauces with it! Tiny Urban Kitchen has a recipe for a Chili Mayo Sauce, which they swear by as a topping for fish tacos.

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