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Crafts & DIY Projects · Discover Your “Personal Style”!

Discover Your “Personal Style”!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeMint. All opinions are 100% mine.

I took a fun design quiz online today at HomeMint.com. You answer 11 questions about what kind of design you like and then they show you stuff you might like to decorate your home with. And to sweeten the deal….Justin Timberlake is making the recommendations!  No, REALLY, he is!  🙂

The website is called HomeMint (I even like the name of it…sounds so fresh and appealing!)…and it features  the style and recommendations of Justin Timberlake, and “interior designer to the stars”, Estee Stanley, whose clients include Timberlake, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie.

Apparently Estee has worked with Justin for years on his various homes and he’s quite the lover of architecture and interior design. Who knew?

Well, I guess it stands to reason…he is pretty stylish. 🙂

I’m intrigued by their “affordable luxury home collection” which includes a wide range of prices starting at around $10.
All the recommendations that they gave me based on my answers to the quiz questions were “spot on” and quite affordable.

Here’s how it works:
Go to the website HomeMint and take the “test”! It’s basically a bunch of pictures they show you and ask you to pick what suits your style best. It’s fun! Then they give you their personal recommendations based on your individual style!
A couple of MY recommendations included this bedding….

And these baskets…….

…which I am TOTALLY in love with!  I am putting them in my “decorating budget” for the near future. (OK…I don’t actually have a “decorating budget”…but I want one! lol! Is it Christmas yet?)

You don’t have to sign up for a membership…but if you do (it’s $9.99 a month and that’s applied as a credit towards any purchase you make) you get special member pricing, early access to limited edition products AND Justin (and Estee) will PERSONALLY pick out stuff for you each month based on your style! How great is that!?

Now you can tell your friends and family when they come over and admire your beautiful decor that Justin Timberlake picked it out for you. 🙂

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