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Crafts & DIY Projects · DIY Canvas Tote Revamp!

DIY Canvas Tote Revamp!

I’ve had a lot of people requesting some simple handmade gift ideas lately. I guess it IS getting to be that time of year when we start thinking about gifting. Although I’m not personally ready to “go there” yet (I’m in denial basically)….I have been seeing some cute things that I think would make great gifts so I thought I would share one of them today.

I eyed this over at Say Yes To Hoboken and immediately fell in love with the idea! I’ve always loved cute totes for….well….toting stuff, and I love, LOVE how this one simple idea of adding leather handles takes an ordinary canvas tote to a whole new level.

It really couldn’t be any more simple.

You’ll need:

Applying the graphic:

  • Print out desired graphic from your computer onto printer transfer paper. (This one can be found at 733blog.com)
  • Iron your canvas bag so it’s nice and smooth.
  • Apply graphic according to directions.

NOTE: I did this 3 separate times and each time it didn’t quite transfer completely onto the canvas. I’m assuming that’s just the way it work on canvas since it’s a somewhat rough surface. I actually LIKE the way it turned out. Looks kinda vintage. 🙂 But just wanted to make you aware of this.

Applying the handles:

  • First cut off the handles of your canvas tote bag.
  • Cut the ends off your belt and then cut it in half.
  • Poke, gouge, rip, burn, stab, whatever it takes….a hole through the canvas and the leather where you want to attach. This was probably the hardest part for me. But between an exacto knife, a seam ripper and a pair of scissors…I was finally able to make a hole through the canvas and the leather big enough to accomodate the rivet. (I’m sure there’s some tool out there that makes this MUCH easier…but I don’t know about it.)

Now, at this point, there are two ways you can go.

Liz at Say Yes To Hoboken simply used rivets and hammered them in.

*I*, however, searched high and low for said rivets and couldn’t find any. So, I did the next best thing and purchased a rivet tool at our local hardware store (for about $16) and used it instead. Although it worked just fine…some rivets (which Liz apparently got from her local fabric store…I wish I had a local fabric store) and a hammer would have been much cheaper and easier.

Anyway…either way you go…attach the handles and you’re done! Cute, huh? I bet you would pay a pretty penny for something like this in a retail store. I estimate it cost $2 to 3 dollars to make!

This one I made for me.

This one I made for my daughter Britta. (Can anyone guess the BBC television show she is quite fond of?)

And this one I made for my daughter-in-law Kaitlyn. 🙂 More Simple Handmade Gift Ideas to come…..stay tuned!

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