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DIY Washi Tape Cereal Box Organizers

Create beautiful storage for pennies!

Ever since washi tape (basically very pretty masking tape) became popular a few years ago, I keep buying it in hopes that someday I will figure out something to actually do with it! Every time I see some cute tape at the craft store, I buy it! I just can’t help myself. This has resulted in a huge bin full of the stuff! The picture below is only a portion of my secret craft shame. 🙂

I figured it would probably just sit in the bin forever, or until it ended up in some future yard sale. But this week when I was contemplating doing a second installment of ways to recycle cereal boxes, my washi tape dream project finally revealed itself to me!

I’ve been thinking of making some organizers for another of my out-of-control collections….magazines. I originally was going to cover them with scrapbook paper, but in a flash of brilliance (well, at least in my own mind) I remembered all those rolls of tape and one of my favorite recycling crafts to date was born!

The washi tape not only turns ordinary cereal boxes into beautiful organizers, it also reinforces the boxes very nicely, making them quite sturdy!

Before you jump to the conclusion that this looks like a lot of work for a cereal box organizer, let me assure you that while it took some TIME, it was super easy and actually a lot of fun! I made both organizers in an evening while watching television, and I plan on making more…it was that enjoyable! Plus, they look adorable on my office shelves. 🙂

While I think you can probably figure out how to do these on your own just by looking at the pictures, I will attempt to give you a simple rundown.

For the side-by-side organizer you’ll need two cereal boxes of the same size. You could make a single box organizer, of course, but I think the two boxes together makes it more stable (and holds more stuff!)

Start by cutting the boxes on an angle from side-to-side. Short on one end, taller on the other. For my boxes I used measurements of 6 inches (for the front of the organizer) and 11 inches (for the back of the organizer.) You can adjust these heights based on the size of your boxes. (It’s amazing how many different sizes of cereal boxes there are out there!)

I would suggest using an X-ACTO knife to do the cutting, but scissors would work in a pinch as well. If using an X-ACTO, do yourself a favor and score the boxes with the knife first. It makes it a lot easier to make the cuts.

Once your boxes are cut, tape them together side-by-side with some double-sided tape. This is just to keep them in position until you get several rows of washi tape around them.

Now start wrapping your boxes with tape. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, wrapping each tape around the box 2-4 times (depending on how see-through the design on it was.) I varied the colors, patterns, and widths, but the design possibilities are ENDLESS! Have fun with it!

The trickiest part of this project (which really wasn’t that tricky at all) was finishing the edges. For the diagonal edges, simply leave an extra length of tape hanging over the edge until you have finished covering the box, then trim them all evenly at the same time.

Then take a contrasting piece of tape, and fold lengthwise along all the edges.

I decided to try making another organizer as well, this time placing one cereal box in front of the other. I cut them at varying heights and angled the cuts from front to back, instead of from side-to-side. I then followed the same basic steps as I did with the side-by-side organizer.

I really like how both of them turned out, but my favorite is the side-by-side because it fits my magazine collection perfectly and sits so nicely on my office shelves.

If you have a growing collection of washi tape (and I know you do!) and have been wondering what you’re ever going to do with all of it….now you know!

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