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Crafts & DIY Projects · DIY Infinity Scarf from a Sweater

DIY Infinity Scarf from a Sweater

With the cold weather setting in, Megan with Brassy Apple is here to teach us how to transform a sweater into several new pieces for your wardrobe. It’s easy with this NO SEW sweater refashion project. From sweater into an accessory. And it just takes a few snips!

You will need:

A sweater & scissors

Here’s what the sweater looked like before. Snatch one from a thrift store, your closet or from your donate pile!

1. Lay your sweater flat and cut right under where the sleeves start. You will be working with the body of the sweater.

2. Run your fingers along the cut edge to strip away any loose fibers. Fold the scarf in half or in thirds (with both ends folded toward the center). You have a ready made “circle” scarf with one simple cut!

3.It’s ready to wear! A stylish way to add texture, volume and possibly color to your outfit. It’s great worn alone or with a coat!

You can do more with a sweater than just create a scarf! Save the sleeve and neckline. Check out these other sweater refashion projects!

Sweater skirt

Headwrap/earwarmers – no sew

Bootwarmers/Legwarmers – no sew

Fingerless gloves – no sew

For more “doable” everyday style and refashion tips pop over to BrassyApple.com.

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