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DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

A couple of week ago I did a post on some YUMMY Herb Butter I made to go on corn on the cob (or just about any other savory side!) Ever since we finished it, I’ve been craving more! The only thing stopping me from making it is going to the store and buying the fresh herbs. I really hate those packages of herbs they sell in the produce department. They are WAY overpriced and the herbs are only SEMI-fresh. Plus, you end up with WAY more than you need for one recipe.

So when I saw this simple idea from Dimples & Pigtales (how cute is that name!?) for growing an “herb garden” in your very own kitchen, I couldn’t get to the store to buy seeds fast enough! Other than having to buy the seeds, everything else I already had at home.  Mason jars – Check!  Potting soil – Check!

And that’s really all you need! I also added a bit of string and a cute chalkboard tag that I got at Staples (Martha Stewart Home Office) so I could remember what I planted in each jar (although I ended up mixing them all up anyway! Notice the TWO tags that say “Chives”. I’m hopeless sometimes.)

Although it’s a bit redundant to give you “directions” on how to make your own window sill herb garden (since I basically just did), here is a quick step-by-step with photos to make it SUPER simple.

How To Make Your Own Mason Jar Herb Garden

What you will need:

  • 6 mason jars (I used 3 quart sized and 3 pint sized, just for fun)
  • enough potting soil to fill all your jars
  • various herb seeds (choose your favorites!)

Fill the mason jars almost to the top with soil, leaving enough room to add just enough additional soil to lightly cover the seeds.

Add seeds to each jar following planting instructions on the seed packet. (Or just sprinkle some in each jar like I did.)

Cover lightly with more soil. You don’t want to plant them too deep because they need the sun (and water) to germinate. Add just enough water to each jar to wet the soil and the seeds. I used a condiment-style squeeze bottle to control the water flow so I didn’t dislodge the seeds.

Affix some sort of tag to your jars to aid in identifying them as they sprout. (In hindsight, this would have been smarter to do BEFORE I added the seeds because it’s pretty hard to tell what seeds are in what jar AFTER you plant them! lol)

I planted my herb garden on June 13th and took these pictures 2 days ago. Coming along quite nicely don’t you think? I haven’t actually used any in cooking yet, but just as soon as they’re a little farther along, herb butter is at the top of the list!

Now when I have a recipe that calls for fresh herbs, my “supply” is a short walk to my window sill. 🙂

What dishes do you use fresh herbs in the most?  (I’m fishing for some more ways to use mine!)  🙂

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