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DIY No-Sew Cinch Pouches

One of my peeviest pet peeves is when I go to pull my earphones out of my bag so I can listen to one of my audio books, and instead pull out a tangled mess! I think I have tried every method out there to store my earphones (without much success,) but these cute no-sew suede pouches from Martha Stewart really captured my imagination!

Not only can I use these adorable pouches to ensure my headphones stay tangle-free, but I can also use them to store other small items that tend to get lost in my bag, like lip balm or small bottles of essential oil. And best of all, these pouches don’t require any sewing to make, so you can make several in a single afternoon. I think they’d make a great stocking stuffer for small kids to hide their treasures and toys in too!

DIY No-Sew Cinch Pouches


*A half-yard of fabric will make 3 large pouches or 6 small pouches.

First you’ll need to cut out some templates. You can download the templates from Martha Stewart HERE.

Or, if you have a Silhouette cutting machine, I’ve put together some Silhouette files of the templates that you can download by clicking HERE.

There are two sizes of pouches, large and small, and each size has three templates: a larger circle with holes around the outside edge (Template 1), a circle with tabs on the edges (Template 2), and a plain circle (Template 3).

Once you have your templates cut out and ready to go, go ahead and trace all three templates onto your microsuede. Cut them out with your fabric scissors, and use a screw punch or hole punch to form the holes on the piece for Template 1.

Use Template 3 to trace another circle onto a sheet of chipboard, and cut that out too. This will serve as a stabilizer for the base of your pouch.

Once everything is cut out, use a spray adhesive to glue the chipboard circle to the back side of the piece of fabric with the tabs around the edges (the Template 2 piece).

Use spray adhesive again so you can fold each of the tabs over onto the chipboard and glue them down.

Finally, using more spray adhesive, stick the plain fabric circle (Template 3) to the exposed side of the chipboard circle. That’s it for the base!

All that’s left to do is thread your leather cord through the holes on your Template 1 piece. Start by feeding the leather cord through one of the holes on the front side of your fabric, then feed it into the hold next to it from the back side.

Continue feeding the cord through the holes, and you should end up with the two ends of the cord next to each other on the outside of the pouch.

Feed the ends of the cord into the holes of a button, then tie a knot on each end of the cord. Place the base fabric-covered circle you made inside the pouch and cinch it closed. Ta da! How easy was that?

For things like headphones or charging cords that you want to keep tangle-free, just wrap a rubber band around the base piece. Place your cords under the rubber band, and it will keep them secure while inside the pouch.

What would you keep in these pouches?

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