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Embossed Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Since Thanksgiving is one of the few “formal” meals my family shares throughout the year, I try to do a few things to make it extra special. Little things like place cards, centerpieces, and nice place settings go a long way towards making a meal feel festive! I usually try to do something new each year (I love the element of surprise!) so lately I’ve been wracking my brain for ideas to spruce up our Thanksgiving table.

And then it came to me: embossing. In my mind, embossed paper is automatically 10 times fancier than regular paper. 🙂 But I didn’t want to spend a ton of money to order custom embossed paper. Enter my new best friend: the Silhouette Curio!

This new craft machine from Silhouette has the same cutting capabilities as the Cameo machine, PLUS a ton of new, cool features. It can score, emboss, stipple, sketch, and etch. It also has a higher clearance than the Cameo, which means you can work with more materials, like leather, metal sheets, and more!

For this project, I used the amazing “score-and-emboss” function with Silhouette’s special soft, score-and-emboss paper.

This function is great because the dual-carriage on the Curio allows you to use two different tools on the same project. So, as the name suggests, I used the standard blade to score the paper, and then the fine-tip emboss tool (included with the machine) to emboss it.

Once I had chosen my design from the Silhouette store and configured the settings the way I wanted them, I sent my project to the Curio. The dual-carriage sprang to life and had my design scored and embossed in just a couple of minutes.

I put two of the designs on the same page, and then cut them down the middle to make two separate napkin rings. All that was left to do was wrap the edges of the paper around the flatware and napkin.

I love how it turned out! I’m going to have to exercise a lot of self control to not emboss EVERYTHING this holiday season! 🙂

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