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Recipes · Fall Baking To-Do List!

Fall Baking To-Do List!


It has been unseasonably warm here this week. (At least it seems like it to me…but I’m no meteorologist and I hardly ever listen to the weather report…so take it for what it’s worth). But despite the warm days…the nights are definitely starting to get chillier and there’s that certain something in the air that tells you that fall weather is just around the corner.  (The actual arrival of “Fall” came last Friday at 5am when the Autumnal Equinox occurred.  I love nerdy stuff like that!)

Here are some of the major signs it’s Fall at my house:

  • Football, football, and more football.
  • Finally harvesting those luscious tomatoes from the garden you have nursed along all summer! (And making amazing salsa with them!)
  • Having to actually close the windows at night rather than keeping them all wide open hoping for the cool air to come inside!
  • The BEAUTIFUL colors on the mountainsides that surround our high mountain valley home! (I am blessed!)
  • NEW episodes of your favorite TV shows! (The Office!)

And the #1 sign for me that it’s Fall…the heavenly SMELLS!  Especially of delicious baked goods coming from the oven (now that you actually feel like turning on the oven again after a long, hot summer!)
Cinnamon, pumpkin pie, apple cider, apple doughnuts and apple pies! The heavenly aromas of fall are hard to beat!

And this time of year has some amazing different in-season offerings!

I have been seeing different versions of this recipe for …..popping up all over the place!  Every time I see it I start to salivate!  Something about the combination is soooooooo appealing!


You can’t talk about fall baking without including at least one recipe where apples are the star of the show.
Again, there are probably a million and ONE apple recipes out there…but this is one I’ve actually never seen before.

Apple Rings! 
via How To: Simplify

When I first looked at the picture I thought they were onion rings (which is OK by me!) but after you read the recipe…you’ll be dying to make these like I am! Any recipe with cinnamon and sugar involved is an instant winner in my recipe book!

If you are pancake fans like we are at our house…you will want to try this recipe out as well.

Once again, cinnamon plays a part in this attraction…which makes me happy.  And I can only imagine the pumpkin puree makes for some deliciously MOIST flapjacks!

Is your sweet tooth beginning to ache yet?  Here’s….one final SAVORY offering…..

Pumpkin Soup!  
via Creature Comforts

For some reason I am CRAVING this right now! Although I’m pretty sure the majority of the people living in my house will balk at this one…..I’m still making it…..for me. 🙂

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