· Beauty · Skincare · Fighting Acne With Oil!
Beauty · Skincare · Fighting Acne With Oil!

Fighting Acne With Oil!

Cleaning your face with OIL? Sounds crazy right? Well, allow me to explain…..

Just over two weeks ago I “DARED” you to wash your face with OIL and see how you liked it. I took the same dare and began my “14 Day Oil Cleansing Method Challenge”. You can see the original post here:  Wash Your Face With Oil…I Dare You!

I went and purchased the oils and mixed them up in this cute little decanter. I also bought some clean, white cloths and a new stretchy headband. I was ready to do this thing right! Well, after 14 days I’m here to report that OCM now has another devotee!

My skin feels and looks cleaner and clearer and it has evened out my dry vs oily areas. I think that’s the think I like the most! My oily areas were REALLY oily…and my dry areas were REALLY dry. The oils have helped bring back the balance my skin was needing so badly! It still sounds a little bit crazy…but I can’t argue with the results.

The first time you try it you will think to yourself…I must be out of my mind! Rubbing OIL into your face is so contrary to all so-called skin care systems out there. All we ever hear is how this wash or that soap will get RID of the oil on your face. I go into more detail about why this is a completely backwards idea on the original post, so I won’t rehash it here. But after reading about it…it just makes sense.

That is why I was anxious to try this cleansing method in the first place. AND…why I was anxious to convince my daughter to try it too. She and I had been having this “difference of opinion” over the expensive ProActiv acne treatment she’d been using for well over a year. She swore it was the only thing that worked….but then why was she still struggling with breakouts?

I finally convinced (OK…maybe bribed is a better word) her to take the 14 day challenge with me and since she was struggling with acne issues…we decided to take the advice of Briana who left this comment after the original post

While I stuck with the sunflower and castor oil mixture I’d made, I gave my daughter my bottle of Tea Tree Oil to try as well.

Well, after two weeks Miss Skeptical is now a believer. Here is her experience, in her own words: (and I didn’t even edit out the part where she has the nerve to call me “demanding”!) 😉

Britta writes:

“I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical about the “Oil Cleansing” method. I have really uneven skin (thanks Dad), so the idea of rubbing oil into the already oily areas on my face seemed like a bad idea. But my mom was insistent that I try it, to the point that she mixed the oils for me, gave me some washcloths and some headbands, and basically demanded that I take them with me. I’m not one to try and argue with my mother when she has her mind set on something, so I went home and dutifully tried it. At the time, I was having some serious dryness around my mouth and nose thanks to one of the store-bought acne washes I had tried a couple days before. And I was shocked to see that ONE treatment with the oils essentially fixed all that dryness. After that, I was way more inclined to keep using it.
I have been using the Oil Cleansing Method for a couple weeks now and I am thrilled with the results. My face is clearer, my skin is healthier, and my skin tone is way more even – no more oily or dry patches. I have been dabbing some Tea Tree Oil on my more “problematic blemishes”, and they start healing almost immediately. If you are considering trying this method for a clearer face, I would definitely recommend it. And the best part is it’s SUPER cheap, which is awesome for the acne-prone, but broke, college student.”

So there you have it! A completely unbiased (almost reluctant!) review of the Oil Cleansing Method from the “acne-prone, broke, college student”. It doesn’t get much more authentic than that people! 🙂

Now that OUR 14-day challenge has concluded…..don’t you want to try it too???

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