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Crafts & DIY Projects · Find Your Holiday Decorating Style

Find Your Holiday Decorating Style

Today is typically the day that people start dragging their boxes of decorations down from the attic, or in from the garage, to begin the process of decking the halls for the holidays! I actually enjoy the day AFTER Thanksgiving almost as much as Thanksgiving itself for that reason! There’s just something special about giving your home a sprinkling of holiday cheer in the form of lights, garland, and more! 🙂

If you were to take a peek into my boxes of Christmas decorations you might be hard-pressed to put your finger on what my holiday decorating style is, and I wouldn’t blame you! I’m kind of all over the place because when I see something I like, I tend to make or buy it regardless of whether is fits into my overall holiday decor. That’s why recently I decided to try and figure out what my holiday decorating style actually is and give my decor a little more focus and direction.

Here are some themes I liked that you might be interested in as well!

Dreaming of a White Christmas

from Great Big Canvas

Pairing a classic white decorating palette with one bold color, like the blue pictured here, can make a big impact! This wintery color scheme is also a great choice if you’re looking to decorate with colors other than the traditional red and green.

from Verdigris Vie

Lining a mantel or windowsill with white candles of varying heights creates a wonderfully cozy effect. Look for LED candles if you have little ones or pets running around!

from Sweet Paul

This monochromatic tabletop “tree” was made using pages of an old book. A great recycling idea!

from One Good Thing by Jillee

This oldie-but-goodie is still one of my favorite Christmas crafts! Make several of these 3D paper snowflakes in various sizes and hang them all over the room (or the house!) Instant impact!

from Decordots

Bare branches placed in a white ceramic vase create a pretty winter scene, while the white deer figurine and wooden hearts add a woodsy charm.

Over the River and Through the Woods

Bring the natural beauty of the winter season indoors with wreaths, garland, trees, and greenery galore!

from Terrain

This beautiful green wreath is made of olive branches. I love how simple and clean it is, and how it pops against the white wall!

from Better Homes and Gardens

A garland made of pine trimmings perfectly frames an open doorway. This project could be completed without too much effort, and it would make the house smell incredible!

from The Haystack Needle

Pine saplings or branches can be turned into simple, but beautiful, tabletop decor. Simply “pot” your sapling or branch in a jar, vase, or tin cup!

from Martha Stewart

If big wreaths aren’t your thing, why not have several small ones? Glue different types of greenery to wire frames and hang from varying heights in a window or doorway.

from Blue Roof Cabin

An old crate filled with logs, greenery, and lights can bring the rustic, cozy feel of a wood-burning fireplace to any home!

Sparkle and Shine

If your holiday season isn’t complete without a bit of sparkle, and if the thought of using craft glitter doesn’t fill you with dread, you might be a “sparkle and shine” decorator! 😉

from Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

These large, glittery snowflakes could be made in an afternoon, and would add plenty of sparkle to your decor!

from One Good Thing by Jillee

This sparkly salt votive is another one of my favorite holiday decor projects. Inexpensive and super simple to make, these votives add sparkly warmth wherever you want it!

from A Beautiful Mess

If your holiday lighting tends to rival Clark Griswold’s, you’ll love this project! This bold and festive marquee was made using wooden letters, craft glitter, and a string of lights. Follow the link for the full tutorial!

from Whatever

Glitter and sequins transform plain paper cones into a sparkly forest for a mantel or shelf. Simply elegant!

from A Night Owl

These DIY confetti ornaments are a simple way to add a touch of extra sparkle to your tree. The shiny confetti is like glitter on steroids!


If you still have little ones at home, these ideas are sure to bring smiles to their faces and added wonder to the holiday!

from The Creative Stamper Spot

The back of the front door (or ANY door for the matter!) is transformed into Frosty The Snowman for the season with a few pieces of colored paper and scissors!

from Snippet and Ink

Children are fascinated by things brought down to their size! A row of simple gingerbread decorated with white icing and a piles of “snow” made out of powdered sugar are sure to delight!

from Paging Supermom

Save money (and the planet) by recycling old cereal boxes into an enchanting Christmas village! This would be such a fun craft for you and the kids when the “weather outside is frightful!”

from Martha Stewart

Another fun craft to do with the kids! An envelope advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree! Just attach envelopes of various sizes, marked with the numbers 1-24, to a wall with painters tape – then have fun coming up with things to put inside! You could fill with small treats & gifts, or with activities to do with the kids.

from Wednesday Custom Design

Bring the snow indoors by creating fluffy marshmallow strands with your kids. Hang from the ceiling or as a garland. Just be careful the kids don’t eat all of the “supplies.” 🙂

To be honest, after doing this post, I might be more confused than I was before…..but at least I have a whole bunch of new, fun ideas to try! 🙂

What is your holiday decorating style? 

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