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Crafts & DIY Projects · This Is The Ultimate Easy Hobby To Try While Social Distancing

This Is The Ultimate Easy Hobby To Try While Social Distancing

Looking for a fun and stress-free activity to help pass the time at home? Get the inside scoop on my favorite super-simple craft here, and find out why I can't seem to put it down!

At this point, we all know that in order to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, we all need to do our part by staying home as much as possible. And while I’m happy to do my part by staying home, I think we can all agree that it can get a little monotonous after a while!

Hobbies are a great way to pass the time, but given the stress and uncertainty of our situation, you may not have a lot of extra energy to devote to learning anything too complicated. (I know I don’t!) So if you could use a simple hobby to help stave off boredom, I thought I’d share a super simple hobby of mine with all of you today!

It’s called finger looping, and since it’s still relatively unknown, I’ll start by explaining what it is and what I like about it. Then we’ll explore what sorts of things you can make with this technique, followed by a quick finger looping tutorial to show you how to get started! 🙂

What Is Finger Looping?

Finger looping is like knitting or crochet, but it doesn’t require needles or hooks of any kind. Instead of creating loops in the yarn, you use a special type of yarn that has loops built right in! You simply use your fingers to thread the loops together to create one-of-a-kind creations.

4 Things I Love About Finger Looping

1. It’s Simple

Adopting a new hobby can be intimidating, both in terms of learning a new skill and investing in all the necessary tools and materials. You may need specialized tools and equipment, some of which may be expensive and hard to find.

But finger looping is so simple and accessible that there’s really no barrier to entry! You only need two things for finger looping: a skein of loop yarn and a pair of scissors. Once you have those, you can start your first project right away!

2. It’s Portable

Because finger looping is such a simple process, it’s also highly portable. Instead of being confined to one area, I can work on it in my recliner, at my dining table, or even in bed. (It even looks like it might be warm enough this week for me to work on my finger looping out into the backyard, which is a very exciting prospect!)

And once we’re all free to leave the house, you can take your finger looping with you. You could easily work on a project on a flight or during a long car ride!

3. It Keeps My Hands Busy

I’ve always been a pretty fidgety person, so it helps to keep my hands busy while I watch TV or movies. Finger looping is perfect for this, because it keeps my hands occupied without requiring too much concentration. (Plus, it makes me feel much more productive!)

4. It’s Fun!

And last but not least, I love finger looping because it’s fun! There’s just something really satisfying about making something with your own two hands. And I really enjoy the challenge of learning something new, so figuring out finger looping has been very rewarding in that regard.

What Can You Make With Loop Yarn?

You can use loop yarn to make throw blankets, pillows, scarves, cowls, wrist warmers, tote bags, and more! You can find over two dozen free finger looping patterns on Red Heart’s website. (Red Heart is the brand behind Loop-It yarn, which I’ve used for all of my projects so far and really like!)

But Red Heart isn’t the only source of finger looping patterns online! Here are a few that I’ve come across around the web:

One of my first projects was the throw blanket pictured above, which was a great starter project. Since it’s just one big square, I didn’t have to worry about anything more complicated than “stitching” the yarn loops together. (I did decide to spruce it up a little by switching the direction of my loops every few rows, which is an easy way to create a striped look.)

How To Do Finger Looping – The Basics

You’ll need:

Loop-it yarn


While the specifics will vary based on what project you’re making, the basic process of looping the yarn is very straightforward. However, things like this are usually easier to show than they are to tell, which is why I decided to make a little video tutorial for you!

Watch my tutorial video here:

Do you have a hobby that helps you pass the time at home?

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