· Holidays · Halloween · Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost – So Easy & Adorable You Simply Can’t Resist
Holidays · Halloween · Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost – So Easy & Adorable You Simply Can’t Resist

Spooky Floating Cheesecloth Ghost – So Easy & Adorable You Simply Can’t Resist

Let me just start out by saying I am not much of a Halloween decorator. But when I came across this idea for making a spooky ghost out of cheesecloth, I simply could not resist trying to make one! I say TRYING because I wasn’t entirely sure I could pull it off. You know me, I tend to stick to very simple crafts and projects.

But it turns out that this project is SO easy even 1st graders make them in school! All you need is some cheesecloth and liquid starch! Everything else you probably have at home. Here’s how you can make your own Spooky Cheesecloth Ghost to add a little Halloween fun to your house!

Spooky Cheesecloth Ghost



Take your round object (I used a mini pumpkin) and position it on top of the opening of the glass. It should balance there without too many issues, but if it’s giving you trouble, you could always tape it to the bottle for added stability.

Now that your ghost form is ready, it’s time to make a ghost! Start by cutting a piece of cheesecloth in half.

Take one piece of the cheesecloth and fold it in half, then drape it over the form. Make any adjustments you might want to get the perfect ghostly figure.

If you want your ghost to be able to stand freely when it’s done, make sure to puddle some of the cheesecloth at the bottom to give it something to “stand” on. If you’ll be hanging your ghost, it’s not necessary.

Once the cheesecloth is arranged to your liking, take your spray starch and give the cheesecloth a good soaking. Once the starch has dried, check to see if the cheesecloth is properly stiff. If it’s not quite there, spray another coat of starch.

Once your ghost is properly stiff, remove the cheesecloth from the form, and add a pair of eyes and a mouth, if desired. Black paper, black felt, or a black marker are all perfectly good choices for ghost faces. Or you could go the silly route and use some googly eyes! 🙂 We ultimately decided to make this more of a cute ghost than a spooky one. That’s the fun part of this project – you can make any kind of ghost you want!

Back when I first did this project, I hung my little ghosty from the ceiling fan in our living room. Instant flying ghost! Now I’m thinking it would be even MORE fun to make 2 or 3 of them, attach them to the blades of your ceiling fan for a ghostly parade!

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