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From Thread Rack To Jewelry Organizer

Well, here we are…on the other side of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! 🙂  I had so much fun offering these great giveaways everyday…I’m going to miss it! On the other hand, it will be nice to get “back to normal,” at least for a little while. (I can’t do “normal” on a full-time basis!) I really truly hope you all enjoyed the last 12 days as much as I did!

So while today I don’t have a fabulous giveaway to offer you, I DO have an idea that hopefully will make everyone feel a little bit like a winner once they try it!

Back in September of 2012, I came up with a way to organize my jewelry that I have been super happy with….up until very recently that is. It seems my growing collection of baubles is OUT-growing my framed chicken wire solution. I’ve had to resort to stacking bracelets on top of bracelets and multiple necklaces on top of each other which makes it challenging to see what you even have to choose from.

I hadn’t really been giving the situation much thought however, I just continued to juggle and untangle whenever necessary. But as I walked down the sewing notions aisle in Walmart a few weeks ago this interesting contraption caught my eye and immediately that lightbulb you see in comic books went on above my head!

At first I had no idea what it was, but it turns out what I was seeing was a thread organizer rack. I guess there are people who have more than 4 spools of thread in their sewing supplies. But what *I* saw instead was the ultimate jewelry organizer that would be super simple to “install.” So I bought one! (I believe I paid $9.99 for mine at Walmart.)

Since I still really like the look (and functionality) of my framed jewelry organizer in my bedroom, I decided to keep it on the wall, and put this one on the inside of my closet door. Using two 3M Command picture frame hangers I simply attached the thread rack to the inside door (in the closed position) and then started adding my necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

I left all my hanging earrings and LONGER necklaces in the frame on the wall. However, I’m considering getting a second thread rack to hang directly underneath this one and just transfer EVERYTHING to the inside of my closet. Still thinking on that one.

For now, the majority of my jewelry has found a new home on the inside of the my closet door. A simple and organized solution that has made the whole getting dressed thing much easier and enjoyable!

Now if I could just figure out a good way to organize and store THESE! 🙂   Any suggestions???

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