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This Is My New Favorite Frozen Treat, And It’s Absurdly Easy

Not only is this a frozen treat you can feel good about enjoying all summer long, but it also takes about 10 seconds of effort to make it!

Today I want to tell you about one of my very favorite snacks. And as someone who typically snacks their way through any given day, I have a lot of them! But this particular snack has a special place in my heart, especially now that it’s starting to get properly hot outside. So that’s why today we’ll be talking about frozen yogurt pops!

I’ve decided to call these “The World’s Easiest Frozen Yogurt Pops,” because they are exactly what they sound like: frozen yogurt on a stick. And to be clear, we’re talking about the yogurt-for-breakfast kind of yogurt, not some homemade fro-yo concoction. So what makes these pops such a special snack, you might ask?

4 Things I Love About These Frozen Yogurt Pops

1. They’re Frozen

Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory, but I felt the need to highlight it specifically because I have a THING for frozen treats. (It’s true, ask anyone!) I love frozen grapes, bananas, cookies, candy bars, etc. So these frozen yogurt pops are just the latest addition to a long list of my favorite frozen treats!

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2. They’re A Perfect Snack

Just as a normal yogurt cup makes a good choice for a snack, frozen yogurt is perfect for snacking too! And since frozen yogurt is solid, it feels a bit more “substantial” than normal yogurt and thus makes a more satisfying snack. (Well, that’s how it feels to me anyway.) 🙂

3. They’re Easy & Economical

As far as snacks go, these frozen yogurt pops are about as easy and affordable as they come. There’s nothing stopping you from keeping these on hand in your freezer for “snack attack” emergencies!

4. They’re Delicious!

The most important question you can ask about any snack is, “Is it delicious?” And for these frozen yogurt pops, the answer is an emphatic YES. They’re tasty, satisfying, and feel a bit indulgent as well! And during a hot summer day, there’s no better treat to help you beat the heat. 🙂

How To Make The World’s Easiest Frozen Yogurt Pops

You’ll need:

Yogurt cups, with lids intact*
Popsicle sticks

*Note: Yoplait yogurt cups don’t work well for this. Their cups are larger at the bottom and smaller at the opening, a shape that makes it difficult to slide the yogurt out once it’s frozen. Instead, look for yogurt cups that have a small base and a larger opening, or cups with straight sides.


Step 1 – Add Sticks

Insert a popsicle stick into the center of each yogurt cup through the lid. If you’re having trouble puncturing the lid with the stick, use a knife to make a slit near the center of the lid that you can slide the stick into.

Step 2 – Freeze

After you’ve added the sticks, place the yogurt cups in your freezer and wait until the contents are frozen solid.

Step 3 – Remove & Eat

To enjoy your frozen yogurt pop, just slide it out of the cup and enjoy! (If you’re having trouble getting the it out of the cup, hold it under hot running water for about 10 seconds or so to help loosen it up.)

What’s your favorite frozen treat?

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