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Crafts & DIY Projects · Funky (Cheap) Wall Art!

Funky (Cheap) Wall Art!

I did it again!  I had what I wanted to post all picked out and then I found something I HAD to share! NOW! 🙂  Not that that’s a BAD thing!  Just funny to me. The internet can be a dangerous place for those of us with a.d.d.!  Although  I prefer to think of it as being “flexible” and “open to new ideas”. Hopefully you think this is as super cool as I do!

Funky (Cheap) Typography Wall Art

This project appealed to me immediately because I love all kinds of typography!  I also love the bold look of the graphics contrasted with the vintage-y look of the letters. Combine that with the cost to make ($0- $20 (depending on where and how big you print it) and the time required (approximately 30 minutes – 3 hours – depending on how long it takes you to make a decision), and you have a W I N N E R in my book!

Kudos must be given to Amy over at My 3 Monsters who came up with this brilliant idea.  And to Leo Reynolds who created this amazing Flikr photostream collection of letters and numbers and allows the general public to use them under a creative commons license with very few restrictions.

I threw this one together in about 30 minutes (I could have taken 3 DAYS!  It’s that fun!) just as an example.  I can’t wait to make more! What a great personalized gift for friends and family too!  (Filing this one away for Christmas 2011).

So head on over to Amy’s website and get the 4-1-1 on how to make this ONE GOOD THING!

(Here are instructions from another blogger at Full Of Great Ideas).

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer.  Just leave a comment.

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