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DIY Organizers For Your Home

I can’t believe this is my last weekend of freedom until school starts again! Yes, you heard me right. I said MY freedom. 🙂 Those of you who are Moms (or Dads) can probably relate to that sentiment. Kids going back to school means a lot of the same changes for parents. Back to setting the alarm clock earlier, making lunches, doing homework….you know the drill. But at the same time, “back to school” doesn’t have to be ALL bad. There is a certain satisfaction derived from getting back on a schedule and whipping the house back into shape after a summer free-for-all.

So today we are showing you some ways to get organized at home so things can run smoother throughout the school year. We have some low to NO-cost DIY ideas, and thanks to our friends at Chippmunk, some great discounts on online products to make Mom’s & Dad’s life a little easier this school year.  I have so many areas that need help in my house I am going to be taking advantage of both!

Homework Caddy

Between after school activities, cooking dinner, and everything in between, we could all use a little organization when it comes to homework. With the help of this DIY Homework Caddy you won’t be searching around the house for school supplies!

I recycled a cardboard cup caddy and covered the sides with some scrapbook paper, you could also put cardboard toilet paper rolls inside a shoebox to make dividers. Keep pencils, crayons, erasers, and other supplies the kids need to do homework all in one place so they don’t waste precious homework time searching the house for them.

School Handouts Organizer

If you often find yourself searching for papers your kids brought home from school, here’s a smart way to control the chaos. You’ll need five mason jars (I used pint-sized) and a hot-glue gun. Lay three jars out horizontally, with the mouths facing the same direction, and glue together. Repeat with two more jars. Place the two on top of the three; glue together.

You can tie a different colored ribbon or stretch a different-colored rubber band around the mouth of each jar to designate one for each child (extra jars can be for Mom or Dad).

Cord Organizers

Keeping your cables organized doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Here is an inexpensive and colorful solution. Use toilet paper rolls! Simply write on each one what type of cable it contains and insert the neatly coiled cords. Add a few pieces of washi tape for decoration if you like. This simple idea will save space, time, and your sanity when looking for your cables.

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