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Make This One Easy List To Save Your Sanity At Dinnertime

The holidays are hectic enough, so use this list to make dinnertime easier!

It can be a pretty formidable task to get dinner on the table at the best of times, but during December it seems almost impossible! The whole family is busy with various parties, programs, gatherings, and events all month long. In all the holiday hubbub, any plans for dinner can easily slip your mind. By 6 o’clock I’m usually scrambling to figure out a quick and easy meal that I can make for dinner…and that’s when I pull out my “secret weapon!”

My “secret weapon” for solving dinner crises was actually something I first started doing years and years ago, when my kids were little. Some of my kids were pickier eaters than others, and it was getting hard to remember who liked or disliked a particular meal. So I started keeping track of the meals that all of my kids seemed to like (or at least tolerate,) and I wrote them up as a list. I stuck that list to the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards, and would refer to it when I was in desperate need of dinner inspiration.

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This list of “go-to dinners” ended up being extremely helpful, and that’s why I wanted to share my list method with you today! I think everyone could benefit from keeping a list like this, especially during times like the holidays where cooking or meal planning tend to get put on the back burner. (This list has saved me from calling the pizza delivery service many times!)

But rather than having you write down your list on a small notepad page like I did originally, I thought I’d put together a much cuter version, just for you! Happy early Christmas! 🙂

“My Go-To Dinners” Printable List

Use the link below to download this free printable list. Then print it out, fill in the spaces with your family’s favorite quick-and-easy dinners. (Just the hits, people! There are only 10 spaces, so make sure you’re writing down the recipes that are most frequently requested and most popular in your house.)

Then the next time you’re in need of a quick dinner idea, or you just can’t decide what to make, refer back to your list. Pick one of those meals, get it on the table, and stop stressing! 🙂

What Are My Go-To Dinners?

In case you’re curious, here’s what is on my Go-To Dinners list these days. (I’ve shared a few of these recipes in past blog posts, which you can view by clicking on the linked items.)

I hope my Go-To Dinners printable list helps make your holidays a little less hectic! 🙂

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