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Homekeeping · Cleaning · How To Make A Simple Floor Cleaner That Cuts The Grease!

How To Make A Simple Floor Cleaner That Cuts The Grease!

One of your toughest cleaning challenges just got much easier!

Well, the kitchen/laundry room tile installation is complete and I couldn’t be happier!  To say it’s an improvement over our old linoleum floor would be a VAST understatement. I have spent the last several days trying to get things back in order and finally, this afternoon, I was ready to give my new floor it’s “first bath”. I have already damp-mopped it a few times in an attempt to clean grout residue and dust, but today I decided to give it a good old-fashioned cleaning. With an old-fashioned mop and everything! 🙂

And I had just the cleaner in mind. It’s something I found on Food.com. I know….crazy huh? 🙂  Turns out they have lots of great homemade cleaner-type “recipes”.

The thing that “sold” me on this cleaner was the grease-cutting factor. I hate a greasy floor and over the last few days I have been experimenting with a cool idea for cooking the perfect steak on the stovetop that seems to be really greasing up the place. So with the floor freshly swept and all chairs, stools, etc. up off the floor….I was ready for the inaugural mopping of the tile floor!

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DIY Grease-Cutting Floor Cleaner


*Note: I do not recommend this recipe for waxed floors.


Add vinegar, dish soap and washing soda to a bucket.

Add warm water from your tap and mix well.

Mop the area with the solution. When I first started mopping I was a bit concerned about the suds because typically I just steam my floors. But the more area I mopped and watched it dry, the less worried I was. The floor didn’t have any feel or look of soap residue at all. It just looked and felt clean! And grease-free!

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