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5 Easy Things That Will Make Your Holiday Guests Feel At Home

Hosting guests during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful! These 5 tips will help you get your guest room holiday-ready, and ensure that your guests feel right at home!

This post is sponsored by Stanley Steemer. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is getting to spend quality time with family and friends. We’ve hosted both expected and unexpected guests during the holidays for the past few years now, and it has reminded me of how much I genuinely enjoy playing hostess!

Being a good hostess, in my opinion, is simpler than people make it out to be. My goal is to make sure my guests feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for, and one way I do that is by keeping our guest room ready for visitors!

Today I’ve partnered up with the cleaning experts at Stanley Steemer to share some easy ways to prepare your guest room for holiday visitors. These thoughtful touches will ensure your guests feel right at home, so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the company! 🙂

5 Easy Ways To Get Your Guest Room Ready For The Holidays

1. Stock Up On Fresh Linens

In addition to outfitting your guest room with clean bedding and towels for your guests, consider stocking the closet with a second set of clean linens too. If your guests are staying longer than one night, they’ll likely appreciate having a second set of sheets or towels at their disposal!

2. Leave Empty Space

It’s all too easy to go overboard on furniture and decor in your guest room. Resist the temptation to fill all the empty space in the room, because your guests could use that space to store their luggage and other belongings!

Instead of prioritizing decor in your guest room, focus on meeting your guests’ needs first. Feel free to sprinkle in a few decorative elements afterward, but don’t be afraid of a little empty space!

3. Don’t Forget The Lamp

Don’t forget to provide a small lamp near the bed somewhere, like on a nightstand. That lamp should help your guests avoid running into anything in the dark if they get up to use the bathroom during the night!

4. Leave A Note

Leave a note somewhere with any important details your guests might need to know during their stay. You might jot down your WiFi password, the code to unlock the front door, or a note about how to get the water temperature just right in the shower.

5. Get The Mattress Cleaned

Whenever we have guests stay with us, I want to make sure they feel comfortable and taken care of. And while I always make sure that the guest bed is set up with clean bedding, I’d feel a lot better knowing the mattress itself is clean too!

This year I decided to do something about it, so I called up the cleaning professionals at Stanley Steemer! A technician came out and cleaned all of our mattresses, including the one in the guest room, all in just a couple of hours!

Stanley Steemer’s hot water extraction process not only eliminates surface dirt and musty odors from mattresses, but also oily residues, dead skin cells, and even dust mites too. I feel a lot better now that I know none of that stuff is lurking in the mattress that our guests sleep on! Call 1-800-STEEMER to get your mattress cleaning quote!

I hope this list proves helpful during the coming weeks as you prepare your home for the holidays! With the help of these simple tips, your guests are sure to feel right at home. 🙂

Will you be hosting any holiday guests this year?

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