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Beauty · Skincare · Hair & Makeup · Does Oil Cleansing Work? Here’s What You Need To Know

Does Oil Cleansing Work? Here’s What You Need To Know

Tired of your skin feeling tight and overly dry after washing your face? It might be time to try using an oil cleanser! I'm sharing everything you need to know about oil cleansing here.

Based on a recent purchase I made, I appear to be suggestible to a very specific type of marketing: “anything that Reese Witherspoon mentions on Instagram.” Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I did recently buy this oil cleanser she mentioned using! That’s Reese’s Instagram: 1, Jillee: 0. (Oh, and I might also read all the books she suggests too.)

However, after having used my new oil cleanser for a few weeks now, I think I might owe Reese a thank you note! Oil cleansing leaves my skin feeling clean, soft, and moisturized, and I love using it with my jade roller too!

Based on this positive experience with oil cleansing, I thought it would make a great topic for today’s post! I’ll be offering up an overview of everything you need to know about oil cleansing, including how it works, how to use it, and how to make your own at home! 🙂

What Is Oil Cleansing & How Does It Work?

Oil cleansing is based on a concept you might remember from science class: “like dissolves like!” Oil can be a stubborn substance to remove from any surface, but seemingly paradoxically, adding more oil can help you wash it away.

By applying this concept to facial cleansing, you can gently wash away excess oil and dirt from your skin without stripping away moisture. This makes oil cleansing a great option for those with dry, sensitive, or aging skin!

How To Make Your Own DIY Oil Cleanser

There are a lot of different oils you can use to make a cleansing oil, but I prefer to keep things simple! My preferred recipe uses castor oil, which is slightly astringent, and rosehip oil, for its skin-nourishing properties.

As for how much of each you should use, it really depends on your skin type. Here’s what I recommend for oily, combination, and dry skin types:

  • Oily Skin – 1 part castor oil, 3 parts rosehip oil
  • Combination Skin – 1 part castor oil, 4 parts rosehip oil
  • Dry Skin – 1 part castor oil, 10 parts rosehip oil

Those with naturally oily skin will benefit from using a more strongly astringent oil mixture. It will help whisk away pore-clogging sweat and dirt while providing enough moisture to keep skin from drying out.

On the other end of the skin spectrum, those with dry skin will benefit from a highly moisturizing cleansing oil. The 1:10 ratio provides just enough astringency to cleanse effectively without stripping the skin of its natural and much-needed moisture.

How To Wash Your Face With An Oil Cleanser

Start by massaging the oil onto dry skin using small, circular motions. Continue this for a minute or so, focusing more attention on areas with heavy makeup or clogged pores.

Saturate a clean washcloth with warm tap water, wring some of the excess water out, then use it to gently remove the oil from your face. I use one of my favorite microfiber makeup remover cloths for this, because they are both highly effective and sooo soft on my sensitive skin! (Read more on those here.)

So that’s the scoop about oil cleansing! If you struggle with dry or sensitive skin like I do, I definitely recommend giving it a try for yourself, regardless of whether you buy it or DIY it! 🙂

What kind of facial cleanser do you like to use?

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