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Bright Ideas · Food & Recipes · Side Dishes · This Weird Hack For Removing Corn Silk Works Like Magic

This Weird Hack For Removing Corn Silk Works Like Magic

Using this genius hack, removing those sticky silks from fresh corn is quicker and easier than ever!

Eating fresh corn on the cob is one of my favorite summertime traditions, no matter how many corn kernels end up stuck in my teeth! 😉 But it’s not all fun and games with farm-fresh corn, because before you can cook it up and slather it in butter, someone has to “shuck” it!

The Problem: Stubborn Corn Silk!

Shucking corn (which is just the process of removing the husk and silk) isn’t necessarily hard work, but finding a way to remove all those sticky corn silks left behind can feel downright impossible!

And if you don’t manage to remove all the silk with the husk, you can bet those silky threads are going to end up on your kitchen floor, your countertop, and even in your teeth later on.

The Solution: Use The Right Tool For The Job

But I recently discovered a quick and easy way to remove the silks off of an ear of corn, and it takes about two seconds to do! It turns out that solving the corn silk problem is just a matter of finding the right tool!

Some brands sell a special brush you can use to de-silk your corn, but gadgets like these don’t always work as advertised. And with the method I’ll be sharing with you today, you may already have everything you need at home!

How To Remove Silk From Corn The Quick & Easy Way

All you need for this simple hack is a small piece of shelf liner. You’ll want a shelf liner like this one that has a decent amount of “grip” and feels slightly tacky to the touch.

If you have a larger piece of shelf liner, use a pair of scissors to cut out a piece of liner that it is slightly bigger than the size of your hand.

After removing the husk from an ear of corn, just rub the shelf liner over the surface of the kernels. The liner will grip onto the silks and pull them away from the corn!

I was honestly a bit shocked at how well this worked! I’ve been shucking corn every summer since I was kid, and I’ve never been able to remove all the silks as quickly and easily as I can with this hack. I ended up cutting up several squares to give to family and friends who were just as impressed as I was!

Bonus Tip: Easy Microwaved Corn

Interested in cooking up some quick, mess-free corn in a hurry? Just pop one ear of corn in your microwave (husk and all), and cook it for 4 minutes.

When it’s done, use an oven mitt to remove the corn from the microwave and hold it steady on your cutting board. Use a sharp knife to cut off the bottom end of the corn, right through all the husks, silks, and cob.

Finally, squeeze the ear of corn from the top of the husk. The cooked corn will slide right out, leaving the husk and silk behind!

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Do you have a favorite tip for shucking, cooking, or eating corn on the cob?

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