· Bright Ideas · 7 Quick & Clever Hacks You Need To Know If You Wear Glasses
Bright Ideas · 7 Quick & Clever Hacks You Need To Know If You Wear Glasses

7 Quick & Clever Hacks You Need To Know If You Wear Glasses

Whether you’re new to the frame game or a longtime specs wearer, these clever tips and tricks will make wearing your glasses easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable!

Before I got my first pair of readers, I had always thought it would be fun to wear glasses! I saw the colorful options and range of styles and figured it would be nice to have another fashion accessory. But while I do enjoy the look of my glasses (and actually being able to see, of course!), I quickly learned that wearing glasses comes with its own unique set of challenges!

While glasses aren’t exactly high maintenance, a little bit of savvy and a small amount of upkeep can help make wearing them much more enjoyable! From keeping your lenses clean to keeping your frames from sliding off your face, here are 7 handy tips and tricks that people who wear glasses ought to know. 🙂

7 Useful Hacks For People Who Wear Glasses

1. Keep Your Glasses Handy

What do my reading glasses and my phone have in common? I’m constantly setting them down and forgetting where I left them! But I recently discovered this little magnetic gadget that allows you to hook your glasses to your shirt so you always know where they are!

It’s a total game changer, and now I just need something similar for my phone! 😉 And for those of you who misplace stuff as often as I do, check out these handy products for people just like us!

2. Prevent Foggy Lenses

Glasses sit right up against your face, so it’s important to keep them clean. You don’t want germs migrating from your glasses to your face and making you break out (or worse—get sick!) Sanitize your frames by washing them daily with warm, soapy water and letting them air dry.

Since the pandemic began, I’ve been washing my glasses every time I get home from being out in public. And as an added bonus, the soap leaves behind a thin film that repels condensation and prevents the lenses from fogging up as much, even when I’m wearing a mask!

For even more face mask hacks that can be especially useful to those who wear glasses, check out this post.

3. Protect With Plastic Wrap

As you crafters and DIY enthusiasts out there already know, sometimes projects can get a little messy! If you’re going to be working with paint, harsh cleaners, wood varnish, or any potentially sticky substance, you can protect your lenses by covering them in a layer of plastic wrap prior to getting started. 

Your glasses will be well protected from messy splatters, and you can simply peel off the soiled plastic wrap when you’re done!

4. Keep Your Glasses On Your Face

Whether it’s due to a sweaty workout, having naturally oily skin, or just an imperfect fit, most people who wear glasses have experienced the struggle of glasses that seem determined to slip off your nose. Thankfully, there’s a great product called Nerdwax that can help your glasses stay put!

Just apply a bit of Nerdwax to the part of the frames that rests against your nose to increase the friction between your glasses and your skin. Or if you prefer a DIY solution for keeping your glasses in place, you can always get out your hot glue gun instead!

5. Make Your Own Lens Cleaner

As I mentioned earlier, cleaning your glasses is important for preventing acne and illness. And as it turns out, making your own DIY lens cleaner is super quick and easy! In fact, you only need three household ingredients: water, rubbing alcohol, and soap. Get the full how-to here.

6. Easily Identify Your Shampoo

Removing your glasses can leave you blind in the shower, making it difficult to tell the shampoo from the conditioner! Make your life a little easier by placing a rubber band around your shampoo bottle so you can easily identify which bottle is which without having to read the labels.

7. Straighten Crooked Glasses

If you ever catch your reflection and notice your glasses look askew, there’s a simple fix! Just place your glasses on a flat table to determine which side needs adjusting, then bend it slightly until the glasses sit flat on the table. (If you have plastic frames that need a little convincing, use the heat from a hairdryer to help make them more malleable.)

Do you have any other tips or tricks for glasses wearers?

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