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Advice · Happy 2012! A New Year’s Day Challenge.

Happy 2012! A New Year’s Day Challenge.

So many thoughts are running through my head as 2011 becomes a memory and a NEW YEAR full of NEW POSSIBILITIES stares us in the face! I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions…never really have been. Although, I do think it is a good time to at least take stock of the main areas of your life and how they stack up against what you expect, hope for, imagine, believe, etc.

Awhile ago I found this inspirational graphic on the website LilacSaloon.com. The post was simply titled “Resolutions 2011”. At first I was attracted to its design…but then I started thinking about what each word represented and this simple list of words suddenly was filled with personal meaning and possibilities.

So this is what I want to share today…MY THOUGHTS AND GOALS on this first day of a brand, spankin’ New Year! Full of possibilities…dreams…hopes…and adventures just waiting to happen!

My challenge to you: As you read the words…what things come to mind for you? Make some mental notes (or real ones!) and let them inspire you in this amazing New Year ahead!

Happy New Year my friends!

…my finances….my pantry…my closet…

continue to eliminate unnecessary (even wasteful) products and practices in my life.  go “paperless” in 2012. (More on that later this week)

continue to donate a tenth of my monetary blessings…think more in terms of time and talents….

blessings and beauty…..

…my “backyard”.  I have SO much to discover in my own neighborhood…my own city…my own state.

….my faith, hope and trust with others suffering from addiction

…get more sleep (so I can have more dreams).    🙂

…photography…..(just call me the “reluctant photographer”.)

…a beautiful quilt, GOOD gluten-free bread!

….by example.

….by MORE than just the computer!

Hold hands more.

TAKE ONE! (or two…or more.)

A beautiful raised bed garden!

…to my inner creative voice. do NOT listen to my inner NEGATIVE voice.

…my parents more.

…something meaningful…..lasting…..worthwhile.

…in myself…in a better tomorrow….in the future….in a cure.

….each and every day to make the world a little better.

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