· Bright Ideas · 9 Annoying Household Problems And Their Surprisingly Simple Solutions
Bright Ideas · 9 Annoying Household Problems And Their Surprisingly Simple Solutions

9 Annoying Household Problems And Their Surprisingly Simple Solutions

Even if you don't consider yourself all that "handy," these around-the-house hacks are so simple that anyone can use them!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to have a place that I could share the simple solutions and household hacks I’d discovered while solving everyday problems I would encountered around the house. This predisposition for solving problems and fixing things was always more of a testament to my stubbornness than any sort of natural handiness, but I think most of us are probably more handy than we give ourselves credit for!

I’ve heard a lot of homemakers say things like, “I’m not very handy, so I usually just have someone else do that sort of thing.” While it’s definitely smart to call in a professional when you need one, most of the solutions I’ve found for everyday problems are a lot quicker and easier than you’d think!

To show you what I mean, today I’ll be sharing some of my very favorite dead-simple household hacks! These tips cover all sorts of minor issues you might encounter around the house, from stripped screws to sticky locks.

By the end of this post, you’ll see that you don’t necessarily have to be “handy” in order to be a problem solver around the house! 🙂

9 Easy Household Hacks That Solve Everyday Problems

1. Check For Toilet Leaks

If your toilet is leaking water from the tank into the bowl, it could be costing you on your monthly water bill! To check for a leak, just grab a packet of brightly colored Kool-Aid drink mix. Sprinkle the powder into the tank and let it sit for 30 minutes (without flushing).

After 30 minutes, check the water in the bowl. If the color of the Kool-Aid has seeped into the bowl, then you know you have a leak. Fixing it could be as simple as replacing the toilet’s current flapper with a new one (but if that doesn’t stop the leak, you may need to consult a plumber.)

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2. Fix A Squeaky Hinge

Have a squeaky door somewhere that’s driving you crazy? You can silence the squeak with shortening! Just rub a small amount of shortening over the hinge, then open and shut the door a few times. It’s a quick and easy fix, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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3. Remove Stripped Screws

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve accidentally stripped a screw head while trying to remove a stubborn screw. But this problem’s easy enough to fix if you have a rubber band on hand!

Place a section of the rubber band over the screw head, then use your screwdriver or drill to remove the screw like normal. The rubber band will help grip the screw so you can get it out!

4. Secure Screws In Place

Want to make sure a screw stays in place? Once it’s screwed in, coat the head with a layer of clear nail polish. When the nail polish dries, it will seal the screw in place and make it much less likely to loosen over time.

5. Clean Grout Lines

Could your grout lines use a good cleaning? Try using carpet cleaner! Spray a foaming carpet cleaner like Resolve or a DIY carpet cleaner onto grout lines, then scrub with a stiff brush. Let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse clean.

6. Fill Nail Holes

You can fill nail holes (or at least make less visible) with a few different common household items. Use a bit of plain white toothpaste, a bar of soap, or a white crayon to fill nail holes in a pinch!

7. Tighten A Loose Screw

If a screw is feeling a little loose, you can “tighten” it using a bit of steel wool. Just remove the screw, wrap a small amount of steel wool around the outside, the screw it back into the hole. The steel wool adds extra grip that will keep the screw in place!

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8. Clean Your Shower Head

If you have hard water like I do, then you probably have already experienced those stubborn mineral deposits that form on your shower head. Those deposits can eventually slow your water flow, and even stop it completely if it gets bad enough!

But there’s a secret to easily removing those mineral deposits—white vinegar! Remove your shower head and soak it in plain white vinegar overnight. In the morning, just give it a scrub with a sponge and all that gunk will slide right off!

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9. Fix A Sticky Lock

Use a graphite pencil to loosen up a lock that keeps sticking. Scribble inside of the lock hole with the pencil, then sharpen the pencil and repeat until your keys opens the door with ease.

Have you used any helpful household hacks lately?

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