· Homekeeping · Laundry · These Amazing Dryer Sheets Are So Cheap And Easy To Make
Homekeeping · Laundry · These Amazing Dryer Sheets Are So Cheap And Easy To Make

These Amazing Dryer Sheets Are So Cheap And Easy To Make

Once you see how well these work, you'll be kicking yourself for not trying them sooner!

Since starting One Good Thing By Jillee in 2011, I have posted a LOT of homemade laundry solutions and recipes! Some of them have evolved over time, and some I have phased out in favor of more efficient solutions. But there are a couple of laundry solutions that I haven’t changed at all, and that I still use to this day! One laundry solution in particular that has demonstrated serious staying power is my homemade dryer sheets.

Not only do these homemade dryer sheets make your clothes smell nice, but they also leave them soft and free of static cling. Oh, and they cost PENNIES to make! Rather than buying a box of store-bought dryer sheets every few weeks, you can make these ones with a just little bit of cheap fabric softener. And each dryer sheet is reusable too, so you can get a couple dozen uses out of each one. Once you see how effective and inexpensive these are, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t try them sooner! 🙂

Here’s how you can make your own DIY dryer sheets at home.

Homemade Dryer Sheets

You’ll need:


Start by gathering several dish rags or washcloths. There’s no need to buy new ones—just use any old ones you have lying around. Or you can cut up an old towel, pair of sweats, or a t-shirt into washcloth-sized squares and use those!

Next, grab some fabric softener! I happened to have just enough Gain fabric softener in a bottle that had been hiding in the back of my laundry cupboard. I have literally had this bottle for over a year because I hardly ever use it. (You can also use homemade fabric softener if you don’t have any of the store-bought stuff on hand!)

Place your rags into a large bowl, then pour fabric softener over the top. Don’t worry about measuring it out, because you’re just trying to saturate all the rags. (And if you end up using too much, you can always pour what you don’t use back into the bottle!)

Squeeze each cloth a bit to remove some of the excess fabric softener. You want it to be thoroughly saturated, but not dripping.

Allow the saturated cloths to air-dry. I like to do this on a sunny day so I can take them outside to dry in the sun. You can hang them on a clothesline, over a fence, or over the back of a chair. Whatever works! (Usually it takes a few hours for them to dry here in arid Utah. So if you live in a more humid climate, it may take a day or two for the rags to dry completely.)

After your homemade dryer sheets have dried completely, transfer them to a nice container for storage. I use this pretty basket container, because it looks nice on the counter of my laundry room and it makes them easily accessible! A glass jar would work nicely too.

Using Your Homemade Dryer Sheets

Add one dryer sheet to each load of clothes. The fabric softener in the cloth with transfer evenly to your clothes while they dry, leaving them soft and static-free!

I’ve also found that you can use each repeatedly before you need to “refresh” it with more fabric softener. I’ve found I can get about 2 dozen uses out of each sheet before I need to dip and dry them again!

If you’re interested in exploring more money-saving laundry solutions, be sure to check out my eBook The Homemade Laundry Guide! You can buy it in my shop, or download it for free if you’re an OGT Plus member!

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