· Bright Ideas · How To Make A Simple And Effective Eyeglass Cleaner In Seconds
Bright Ideas · How To Make A Simple And Effective Eyeglass Cleaner In Seconds

How To Make A Simple And Effective Eyeglass Cleaner In Seconds

Why buy eyeglass cleaner when you can make your own with 3 things you already have at home?

Recently I was attempting to clean my reading glasses, but my trusty cleaning cloth just wasn’t cutting it. For the most part, my reading glasses only need a quick cleaning with my microfiber polishing cloth and they are good to go. But sometimes, especially if I’ve been cooking or working on a messy project, my glasses become a greasy, smeary mess. This was one such occasion, and I found myself in need of a little something extra to cut through the grime!

I know that you can’t clean glasses with just any old cleaner, so I started doing some research online to find out if I could make my own at home. And it turned out to be quicker and easier than I ever would have thought! You just need some water, some rubbing alcohol, and a tiny bit of soap to make your own homemade glasses cleaning solution. It worked like a charm to de-gunk my reading glasses, and I also cleaned up my spare readers, my sunglasses, and my husband’s glasses too! It was quick, easy, and didn’t cost me a thing.

So give this simple cleaner a try, and see what a difference it makes!

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Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner




Remove the cap from your spray bottle and fill it half-way with water.

Then add rubbing alcohol until the bottle is almost full, and add a drop of your favorite soap to finish it off. (I’ve tried this with Dawn and castile soap on separate occasions, and both worked equally well.)

Using Your Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner

The next time you’re wiping your glasses clean and the cloth alone just isn’t cutting it, grab your trusty bottle of eyeglass cleaner!

Spray the solution onto your microfiber cloth, rather than directly on the glasses. Rub the solution onto the lenses of your glasses using circular motions. The cleaner will penetrate through the grimy buildup, and your lenses will be crystal clear!

Bonus Tip! – How To Clean Your Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

A good microfiber glasses cleaning cloth is an indispensable tool for glasses wearers. The tiny fibers act like magnets that trap dirt, dust, and grime. But like any cleaning cloth, these cloths need to be kept clean in order for them to work properly! Luckily, cleaning your microfiber cleaning cloths is super simple and takes just a minute or two.

Start by getting your cloth damp, then place a drop of dish soap onto the cloth. (I use Dawn here because it’s great at cutting through greasy residues. But you can use whatever you have on hand!) Rub the soap into the cloth with your fingertips for a minute or two, then rinse well with warm water. Rinsing your cloth well is crucial, so take your time!

When you’re sure that all the soap has been rinsed out of the cloth, hang it up to dry somewhere. Never dry a microfiber cloth with dryer sheets or fabric softeners, as they will prevent the cloth from working properly.

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