· Bright Ideas · 8 Clever Clothing Hacks That Will Help You Beat The Heat
Bright Ideas · 8 Clever Clothing Hacks That Will Help You Beat The Heat

8 Clever Clothing Hacks That Will Help You Beat The Heat

Does hot weather turn you into a sweaty and uncomfortable mess? Use these clever hacks to keep your cool!

Growing up in Southern California instilled in me a lifelong love of hot summer days. And although living in Utah for the past 25 years has showed me the beauty that all four seasons have to offer, I’d be lying if I said I don’t secretly pine for summer all year long.

Give me a 90-degree day and a shady tree to sit under, and I’m as content as can be! 🙂 On the other hand, if it’s that warm out and I’m running errands all day, or spending time outdoors WITHOUT said shady tree, it’s sure to send me running for the A/C!

Hot temperatures and relentless sunshine are prime conditions for sweating, chafing, developing blisters, and all manner of other summertime discomfort. So today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and hacks for dressing comfortably in hot weather, so we can all keep our cool for as long as summer sticks around!

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8 Helpful Clothing Hacks For Hot Weather

1. Prevent Underarm Sweat Spots

There are few wardrobe malfunctions that make people more self-conscious than dark underarm sweat stains on their clothes, especially when they coincide with a special outdoor event! Happily there is a quick trick you can use to avoid such embarrassment.

Grab a couple of feminine hygiene panty liners and attach them to the armpit area inside of each sleeve. The adhesive will keep the liner securely in place where it will absorb excess sweat and prevent sweaty pits!

You can also purchase underarm pads (sometimes called “dress shields” or “garment guards”) online, but panty liners work just as well if you already have some on hand!

2. Erase Deodorant Marks

Dryer sheets have loads of uses outside the laundry room! Keep dryer sheets handy to erase white, chalky deodorant marks from your darker clothing. The dryer sheets will pick up the excess deodorant and won’t harm delicate fabrics in the process.

3. Avoid Inner Thigh Chafing

With increased sweat and friction this time of year, we’re even more susceptible to the nightmare of chafed skin. But instead of buying expensive and sweat-inducing shapewear or bike shorts to wear under your summer dresses, cut the legs off an old pair of tights so they end about halfway down your thighs.

The light material will keep you cool and eliminate chafing. And if you happen to have a pair of tights on hand with a run or hole in them, this is great way to repurpose them!

4. DIY A Cooling Pair Of Cut-Offs

And speaking of repurposing, you can repurpose an old pair of jeans by turning them into customized cut-off shorts! They’ll keep you much cooler than your long pants, making them perfect for summertime.

And when you make them yourself out of old jeans, you can choose the exact length you want! To learn how to make the perfect pair of cut-off shorts from an old pair of jeans, read this post.

5. Embrace Light Colored Clothing

Dark colored fabrics get hotter since they absorb more light from the environment. So if you’re trying to stay cool, wearing light colored clothing can help keep you feeling comfortable.

In addition to dark clothing, avoid tight clothing and heavy fabrics too. Loose clothing will let your skin breathe and help keep you cooler.

6. Secure Your Bra Straps

Want to stop those sneaky bra straps from peeking out from under your favorite summer tops and dresses? Many bras have a built-in hook on the straps you can use to keep them out of sight!

7. Fix Slippery Sunglasses

When you’re sweaty and your makeup is virtually melting off your face, keeping your sunglasses or eyeglasses on can become an impossible task! Apply a bit of hot glue to the end of each arm of your frames to help your sunglasses stay put on your “glowing” face. 😉

8. No More Blisters

Blisters are especially common during the summer because the higher temperatures make us sweat more. If your shoes are even a bit too tight, the friction between your shoe and your foot can lead to painful blisters. Instead of relying on bandaids to patch yourself up, stretching out your shoes can help you avoid those blisters entirely!

What’s your best tip for staying cool in hot weather?

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