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Advice · How To Beat The “Sunday Night Blues”

How To Beat The “Sunday Night Blues”

Before I quit my job to become a full-time blogger, I used to get the worst case of what I call the “Sunday Blues” when Sunday evenings rolled around. If I’m being honest, I sometimes still do. Sunday blues occur when the reality of the upcoming work week and related work load starts to fill you with dread.

According to a poll by Premier Inn, four out of ten adults admit that their Sunday is spent feeling anxious and full of dread. The mild sense of depression begins half way through the afternoon and continues into the evening. And it’s not only adults that can feel this way; Sundays can be hard for kids too, since Monday morning means another week of work for them as well.

But you don’t have to accept the Sunday blues as an inevitable a part of life! Sunday can be just as enjoyable as Saturday just by making a few simple changes in your weekend routine!

Do Sunday Tasks on Saturday

It’s easy to fall into a routine of doing the fun, weekend activities on Saturday, and leaving the boring tasks and errands for Sunday. No wonder you’re bummed out come Sunday night! Make Sunday less of a chore by getting most of your errands done on Saturday. You’ll almost always be in a better mood on Saturday, since it’s the first day of the weekend, and the tasks and errands you have to do won’t seem as taxing. Bonus…you’ll have more time to enjoy your Sunday!

This applies to your kids as well. Instead of leaving homework and permission slips until Sunday night, why not tackle them on Saturday morning or afternoon? (If you’re lucky, you may even avoid the “But I don’t WANT to go to school tomorrow!” Sunday night tantrums altogether!) 😉

Plan For Monday on Friday

Part of what adds to the dread we feel on Sunday nights is the anticipation of what we need to tackle on Monday morning. You can eliminate this issue by taking a little extra time to plan out your Monday on Friday, before the weekend starts. Organize your inbox, make yourself a to-do list, and make sure you know what needs to get done. And if you can, avoid scheduling meetings for Monday morning. Have them in the afternoon, or even on Tuesday, so there’s less for you to stress about on Sunday night.

Plan a Fun, Relaxing “Appointment” for Sunday Evening

The Sunday blues REALLY start ramping up during the evening, usually when you’re catching up on a show or other forms of “passive leisure.” Keep your mind busy with a fun, low-stress activity, like grabbing coffee with a friend, getting together for a book club, playing a board game, etc. Anything that will keep you engaged in enjoying your Sunday, rather than dreading Monday!

Start a Monday Morning Tradition

If there’s a good time to give yourself a little extra incentive to get to work and be productive, it’s Monday morning! So if you have a fancy coffee drink you like to get, or a favorite pastry you like to treat yourself to every once in a while, why not make it your Monday morning routine? That way you’ll have something to look forward to on Sunday night, rather than just dreading the coming work week.

Getting the Sunday Blues is quite common so plan your weekend in advance so they can make the most of the Sunday and turn it into a day to look forward to.

Do you have any tips or tricks for beating the “Sunday blues?”

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