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The One Thing You Need To Clean Before Summer Ends

If your grill has been getting as much of a workout as mine has this summer, use this simple cleaning method to give it some much needed TLC!

Today’s post comes to you from the “oldies but goodies” file, because I first discovered this useful tip way back in 2015! It all started when I bought myself a nice little Weber gas grill, because neither of my husband’s grills (a massive pellet smoker and a large charcoal grill) had proven particularly useful when I wanted to grill up something quick for dinner.

But my little Weber grill may have been a bit too useful, because soon my son Erik was using it just as frequently as I was! Needless to say, my shiny new grill did not stay that way for long, and all too soon its grates were encrusted in a thick layer of grease and grime.

While we replaced my little Weber a few years ago, it deserves a moment of recognition here. Because without it, I would never have discovered the simple method for cleaning a greasy BBQ grill that I’ll be sharing with all of you today! 🙂

Actually, I have two grill cleaning methods to share with you today, one for small grills like my Weber, and one for larger grills like our current model. No matter what kind of BBQ grill you have at home, these methods will help you clean it up in no time at all!

How To Clean A BBQ Grill

Method #1 – For Smaller Grills

Author’s Note: This method requires you to put the grill grate in your oven, making it perfect for smaller gas and charcoal grills. If you have a larger grill with grates that are too big to fit in an oven, feel free to skip down to Method #2! 🙂

You’ll need:


Preheat your oven to 500 F, then place your grill grate(s) directly onto the oven racks. Close the oven and set a timer for one hour.

It’s going to get a bit smoky in your kitchen during this period, so it’s a good idea to open up a few windows. (I also find it helpful to point a fan towards an open window or door to help direct the smoke outside.)

Once the timer goes off, turn off the oven and wait until the grill grate is cool enough to handle. Then take the grate either to your sink or outside somewhere and use your grill brush to remove the loosened grease and grime.

After brushing the gunk off, scrub the grate with some soapy water to cut through the remaining grease. Pat it dry with an old towel, replace the grate in your grill, and you’re done!

Method #2 – For Large Grills

You’ll need:


Start by turning all of the burners on your grill to High, then shut the lid and allow the grill to heat up for 15 minutes or so. Next, turn off the burners and shut off the propane.

Dip your grill brush into a container of soapy water and start scrubbing the grates. Preheating the grates should make it easier to dislodge the more stubborn bits of gunk.

Continue scrubbing the grates with soapy water until you’re satisfied, then allow the grates to cool enough that you can handle them comfortably. Dampen an old towel and use it to wipe off any remaining greasy or soapy residue, and you’re done!

2 Bonus Grill Cleaning Tips

  • Brush After Each Use. Your grill will stay much cleaner over time if scrub the grates with your grill brush after each use. You don’t even have to use soap or water—the brush alone will make a big difference!
  • Want A Deeper Clean? Once your grill grates are clean, why not go a step further and clean the burners and cook box too? Learn how it’s done by watching this informative video on Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your grill clean?

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