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How To Create The Perfect Holiday Topknot

Friday night my husband Dave and I went out to dinner to a local steakhouse and were surrounded by several large groups that were having Christmas parties! Tis the season for holiday merriment! I personally went to two parties last week and have 3 more THIS week, including one I’m hosting for my family this coming Saturday!

Since most of us will be attending some sort of holiday party this season, I thought it would be fun to offer a festive holiday hairstyle tutorial for your consideration. And since I am no hairstyle expert, I turned to my stylish friends at Small Fry Blog for some help.

I really admire Emily, Nicole, and Jenna’s fun and easy going style (Emily actually helped me put together outfits for a big conference last year that I posted about HERE.) That style translates to their blog as well. If you have littles ones, or are a Grandma, Aunt, or surrogate Mom to some…..you definitely will want to check out their blog for all things “small.”

Take it away gals!!!

There’s nothing quite as striking as a beautiful topknot. Most of us aren’t blessed with the thickness or length required, but there is a secret work-around! You might have heard of the sock-bun, which works great, but can end up looking a little “too perfect.” And like Jillee, we’re on board with forgetting about perfection this holiday season! Here’s a way to actually use your own hair to get that desired volume…and it couldn’t be easier!

1.  Start with straight dry hair. Clean or dirty, doesn’t matter!

2.  Tip your head over getting all your hair to the top of your head, upside down. Gather it together and tip back up. Put a thick elastic around it, creating a top-of-the-head ponytail. The higher on top of the head the better!

3.   Let your hair fountain over the elastic equally on all sides. If you want a really big bun, you can tease the hair a little bit at this stage, or add a texture spray! (Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is a good one!) Emily left hers as is.

4.   If you’re right handed, reach over to your left side and grab a small piece of the ponytail right above your brow. Hold that same piece as you loosely swoop it around your fountained pony-tail. It will naturally collect the rest of your pony-tail as it goes around until you come back to the starting point! Then take the piece and bobby-pin it in place.

5.   Use your fingers to even out the bun, you can even pull outward to make it even bigger! Then use 3-4 more bobby-pins around the bun to hold it all in place. Give it a little hairspray and you’re done!

Now go take your hair out for some holiday fun!


The Small Fry Gals

Thank you gals! I need to try this hair style for one of the Christmas parties I am going to this year!  Or maybe even New Years! 🙂

I just love this picture of Emily! It just screams CELEBRATION to me! It also speaks to the talents of Nicole (the designated photographer of Small Fry Blog.) But I’m sure Nicole would be the first to agree that a photographer can only go so far without good equipment!

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