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How To DIY Oprah’s Favorite Things

Every year I look forward to perusing Oprah’s annual “Favorite Things” list. Part product recommendation and part gift guide, Oprah’s Favorite Things list is one of my favorite resources to turn to for gifting inspiration. (Whether you end up inspired by something you want to give, or something you want to receive… that’s another story!) 😉

But even though this year’s list does have an “Under $50” section, a lot of the other items on the list are pretty pricey! For example, there’s a foot treatment gift set that retails for $132, essential oil-scented candles that retail for $52, and a display box for sunglasses that retails for $60. I’m sure all of these items are fantastic products, but I don’t necessarily love the steep prices. But it occurred to me recently that these items, and many other items on Oprah’s list this year, could probably be “DIYed” pretty easily. Which brings us around to today’s post! 🙂

I went through Oprah’s Favorite Things for this year and picked out what I thought were most promising DIY candidates, then I paired each item with a link to a DIY project from some of my favorite crafty and creative blogs from around the web. (I wish I could have done DIY equivalents for all of the items on Oprah’s list, but it’s a LONG list, and we’d have been here all day!)

Not only can you make your own affordable versions of the three products mentioned above, but almost 30 more items as well! Whether you’re looking for gifts for your loved ones, or a few for yourself, you’re sure to find something you’ll love (and love making!)

1. Cosy Wrap Scarf

Oprah’s version:  Echo Design Women’s Bright Stripes Wrap

DIY version: How to Make a Blanket Scarf by Mom Advice

2. Pearl Earrings

Oprah’s version:  Floating Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings

DIY version: Pearl Earrings with Floating Pearl by Smyks.com

3. Fire Starters

Oprah’s version: Scented Fire Starters

DIY version: Pinecone Fire Starter Favors by Something Turquoise

4. Travel Organizer

Oprah’s version:  Brouk & Co. Travel Cord Roll

DIY version: DIY Travel Cord Organizer by The Labeled Life

5. Colorful Salt and Pepper Mills

Oprah’s version: Le Creuset 8-Inch Salt Mill and Le Creuset 8-Inch Pepper Mill

DIY version:  Pepper Mill Makeover by Heart of Light

6. Phone Pouch

Oprah’s version: Cell Case & Card Sleeve Crossbody

DIY version:  DIY Printed Phone Pouch by The Lovely Drawer

7. Pasta Solutions

Oprah’s version: The Original Pasta Pot

DIY version:  The Fastest Way To Cook Pasta (No Draining Required) by Buzzfeed

8. Coloring Books

Oprah’s version: Anti-Stress Coloring Book & Colored Pencils

DIY version: 100+ Gorgeous Free Colouring Pages by Crafts on Sea

9. Canvas Tote

Oprah’s version:   Crab & Cleek Canvas Totes

DIY version: Hand-Stamped Tote Bags in Under 30 Minutes by Brit + Co.

10. Rose-Scented Foot Treatments

Oprah’s version:   Rose Foot Treatment Gift Set

DIY version: Rose and Himalayan Salt Soak by Salt and Ritual, and Rose Hibiscus Whipped Body Butter by Poppytalk

11. Woodsy Essential Oil Candles

Oprah’s version: Village Common Essential Oil Candles

DIY version: Essential Oil Holiday Candles and Printable Label by Francois et Moi

12. Scented Sachets

Oprah’s version: Organic Rose & Lavender Sachet

DIY version: DIY Lavender Sachets by Brit + Co.

13. Reusable Water Bottle

Oprah’s version: DROP bottle

DIY version:  Voss Water Bottles with Essential Oils by Jenni Raincloud

14. Cuff Bracelets

Oprah’s version: Rustic Cuff Stingray Bracelets

DIY version:  Personalized Cuff Bracelet by Craftsy

15. Hair Ties

Oprah’s version: Emi-Jay Candy Hairties

DIY version:  DIY Hair Ties by Julep

16. Tassel Keychain

Oprah’s version: Em John Fringe Keychain

DIY version: Easy DIY Leather Tassel by DIYs.com

17. Marbled Plates

Oprah’s version: Glitterville Marbled Salad Plates

DIY version: DIY Marbled Jewelry Trays by Brit + Co.

18. Gifts for Dogs & Their People

Oprah’s version: Furry Friends Gift Bucket

DIY version:  Gifts For Dog People from AJ Wears Clothes

19. Travel Jewelry Case

Oprah’s version:   WOLF Travel Jewelry Case

DIY versions:  Travel Jewelry Clutch by Craftiness is Not Optional, and Plastic Wrap Jewelry Hack by Cosmopolitan

20. Pom Pom Beanie

Oprah’s version: Zion Lion Pom Knit Hat

DIY version:  Pom Pom Beanie by I Spy DIY

21. Dog Blanket

Oprah’s version: Charles Fradin Custom Dog Blankets

DIY version: No-Sew Dog Travel Blanket by Pretty Fluffy

22. Travel Pillow

Oprah’s version: PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer

DIY versions: Hidden Pocket Scarf by Mom Advice, and Travel Neck Pillow by Crafty Gemini Creates

23. Slippers for Kids

Oprah’s version: Yikes Twins Children’s Slippers

DIY version: Dragon Slippers by Made by Rae

24. Eyewear Display Box

Oprah’s version: Brouk & Co. Sunglasses Box

DIY version: Glasses Display Box & Organizer by Sweets and Hearts

25. Shoelaces

Oprah’s version: Stolen Riches Laces

DIY version: Sew Your Own Shoelaces by The Sewing Party

26. Pound Cakes

Oprah’s version: Janie’s Pound Cakes

DIY version: Perfect Pound Cake Recipes by Southern Living

27. Toffee

Oprah’s version: Biggie’s Crack Toffee

DIY version: Ritz Cracker Toffee by Something Swanky

28. English Muffins and Preserves

Oprah’s version: The Model Bakery English Muffin & Preserve Set

DIY versions: Homemade English Muffins by Baked by an Introvert, and Homemade Peach Preserves by Real Advice Gal

29. Holiday Cookies

Oprah’s version: Farmshop Holiday Cookie Collection

DIY versions: White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookies by Countryside Cravings, Chocolate Chip Cookies by A Bountiful Kitchen, and Triple Chocolate Cookies by The Pioneer Woman

30. Pear and Almond Tart

Oprah’s version: Sweet Lady Jane Pear Almond Tart

DIY version: Pear and Almond Frangipane Tart by From The Kitchen

31. Seasonings

Oprah’s version: Josephine’s Feast Spice Rub Collection

DIY version: Make Your Own Homemade Seasoning Mixes by A Beautiful Mess

32. Biscuits and Honey

Oprah’s version: Big Bottom Market Biscuit Mix and Honey Gift Set

DIY version: Honey and Biscuits Gift Basket Idea by Joy’s Life

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