· Homekeeping · This Is The Single Most Impressive Skill You Can Learn Today
Homekeeping · This Is The Single Most Impressive Skill You Can Learn Today

This Is The Single Most Impressive Skill You Can Learn Today

Tired of looking at the jumbled mess of fitted sheets on the shelf of your linen closet? Watch my tutorial video in today's post to learn how to fold a fitted sheet once and for all!

Of the two closets in our house that I would consider “storage closets” (meaning they aren’t inside a bedroom), one is in the mudroom/laundry room and one is in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. So as you can imagine, both closets serve a wide variety of different functions.

Although I often refer to the hall closet as the “linen closet”, it also houses office supplies, extra toilet paper, my sewing machine, and more. To prevent that closet from turning into an unmanageable nightmare, everything has to be neatly stacked or folded.

The Ultimate Folding Challenge: The Fitted Sheet

And that brings us to today’s post, where I’ll be demonstrating how to tackle the most challenging fold of them all: fitted sheets. This skill plays a crucial role in keeping my linen closet in order, and learning how to fold a fitted sheet can do the same for you!

And honestly, it isn’t all that difficult to do! Once you’ve read through the steps in the tutorial below and watched the video to see the steps in action, all you’ll need is a little practice to pull it off yourself. 🙂

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Like A Pro

Step 1 – Straighten Out The Top Edge

Start by locating the top or bottom edge of your fitted sheet, then put your hands into the corners along that edge.

Spread your arms out to flatten out the top edge, then carefully set the sheet down on a flat surface.

Step 2 – Corners In Corners

Next, grab the opposite end of the sheet and place your hands into the two corners on that edge.

But this time, do it so that the corners are inside-out, then tuck the corners you are currently holding into the corners on the opposite edge of the sheet.

Step 3 – Fold Along The Elastic

Set your sheet back down on the flat surface like you did in Step 1, holding your arms out to create a straight(ish) edge at the top.

Then grab the two ends of the elastic and bring them together, folding the sheet in half along the elastic edge.

Step 4 – Make A Rectangle

Then, holding the sheet in front of you with the elastic edge at the top, put your hand into the corner of the sheet, lining up all four corners.

Adjust the sheet in your hands so that the top edge lines up with the corners, creating a straight-sided rectangle.

Step 5 – Fold In Thirds (Twice)

Set the sheet down again, and fold it in thirds (like you would fold a letter) to create a long, narrow rectangle.

Finally, fold it in thirds again. Then be sure to give yourself a hearty pat on the back, because you just successfully folded a fitted sheet! 🙂

Want To Learn How To Fold Something Else?

While I’m sure that your current methods of folding clothes and linens are serving you well enough, it never hurts to learn another way to do something! After all, you never know when you’ll come across a method you like better (for whatever reason) than the one you’re currently using.

For more tutorials on how to fold everything from ankle socks to jeans, check out this blog post!

What’s your best tip for keeping your storage closets in order?

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