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How To Host A Book Swap Party

The last year or so I’ve been making a concerted effort to DE-CLUTTER. I feel so much better when there isn’t so much stuff around! I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to getting rid of clothes, shoes, home décor, kitchen gadgets, etc. In fact, just today I took 3 huge bags of stuff to my local thrift store.

But the one thing I’ve always had a hard time getting rid of is BOOKS! I love having my shelves filled with beautiful books, but I only have so much space! I’ve started reading a lot of books on the Kindle app on my phone and iPad but I just can’t seem to completely give up the joy of reading from an honest-to-goodness book.

So the other day when Britta was thumbing through a magazine and saw the idea for a book swap party, I thought that sounded terrific! It’s basically the same idea as this “Trash Into Treasure Party” I posted about a couple of months ago, but with BOOKS instead of clothes and accessories. You get new books to read without having to make more room on your bookshelves!

I was curious about how to best work the logistics of a book swap party so I decided to Bing It! (I feel guilty always giving Google all the love when I talk about internet searches) and found some fantastic tips!

  • Cut down on your own time and expense by sending out an electronic invitation. I love Evite and Paperless Post because the invitations are adorable, and they make it easy to keep track of RSVP’s.

  • Tell your guests to bring as many books as they would like! I saw a couple of recommendations that said to have guests bring only 1 or 2 books. But I figure not everyone has the same taste. A book that just collects dust at one persons house might be read over and over at someone else’s house.

  • Include magazines in the swap! This is another thing I have a terrible time getting rid of – and I know I can’t be the only magazine hoarder around. 😉

  • How about making snacks based on your favorite books? I know homemade Butterbeer (of Harry Potter fame) would be a hit with my friends and family. This recipe sounds delicious!

  • Make sure you have plenty of space to lay out all the books. Borrow a couple of tables from neighbors if you need to. You could stack books on top of one another if you have to but it will be easier for guests to browse if they can see all the titles without having to move around piles of books. If you’re really ambitious try organizing books by category!

  • As far as the actual swap goes there are a couple of options:  You can make it a free-for-all where guests can take as many books as they would like. Or, if you prefer to be a bit more organized, give guests a raffle ticket for each book they bring to the party. Then take turns letting everyone choose a book until they run out of tickets.

  • I also saw the idea of turning the swap into a white-elephant-like exchange where guests can steal books that someone else has already chosen. To keep things from getting out of hand put a 3-steal limit on each book.

  • Have some post-it notes on hand. Encourage your guests to write notes about the books they brought (and why they love them!) and put the sticky notes on the front covers. That will making it easier for guests to choose which books they’d like to take home.

  • Take whatever books/magazines you have left over at the end of the party and drop them off at your local thrift store!

  • Bonus tip: For all of you who have made the switch to e-books, I recently found out that you can lend books to friends on your Kindle or Nook! For Kindle directions click here and for Nook directions click here.

Since this post was all about sharing books I’d love to know what YOU are reading right now, or what is one of your favorite books?

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