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Declutter Your House & Make Money! How To Host a Yard Sale Online

Got junk? Forget the old-fashioned way of moving all your objects in front of the house and slapping a price tag on them. Today it’s easier than ever to sell your unwanted stuff online, but there are a lot of different methods and services to choose from! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and instead just let things pile up. But those items may actually be worth more than you think, so it’s time to try the modern way to clean out your closets (and make some extra cash)….the online “yard sale!”

Here are my best tips for crafting and posting the perfect listing to sell your items online.

Package perfect.

Include any original packaging, extra parts, or owner’s manuals you have for each item. If you can’t find anything, you can always search online for the item’s owner’s manual and print that out.

Create a package deal.

Instead of selling DVDs individually, create a bundle of 10 DVDs. These bundle listings will stand out among individual listings. It’s a great idea for kids’ clothes, too!

Get a great picture!

Take the photo during the day, near a sunny window, with your indoor lights turned off. Pay attention to the background of the photo too! An easy way to have a clean, bright background is to take a photo of your items on against a white wall or poster board.

Cover all the angles.

For handbags, be sure to snap a photo of the inside of the bag! Take plenty of photos from all angles so you can select the ones that show off your bag’s best features.

Be specific & detailed.

In your listing title, include brand names, model names, sizes, colors, etc. Be specific, because your potential customer’s are probably looking for something specific!

Include the item’s original price.

For example, a $500 bike you’re selling for $250 sounds like a great deal!

Book it!

If you’re selling books, head to Powells.com and click on the “Sell Books” tab. They only accept gently used books (so no rips, tears, or water damage). But your books in good condition can earn you some cash, or more if you’ll take store credit!

Electronics sell!

If you’re looking to sell electronics, check out Gazelle.com. You can find an offer on your device quickly, and they’ll even foot the shipping bill AND send you the proper shipping materials. Take a look, you may get a bigger offer than you expect!

Furniture fever.

For selling furniture, be sure to check out Chairish.com. You’ll send them a photo and details of the item you want to sell, and they’ll let you know whether or not they are willing to sell it. If they are, they’ll work with you directly to create a great listing and coordinate shipping.

Sell “Instantly.”

There’s actually quite an active buying-and-selling community on Instagram! Post a photo of your item on your feed, along with relevant product details and your desired price, and see what sort of interest you can stir up! You can also include relevant hashtags in your caption to draw in interested buyers.

Harness the power of the group.

Many communities have “yard sale” groups on Facebook that are dedicated to locals who want to buy and sell items. The benefits of joining one of these groups over using a service like Craigslist is that you can see the real names and photos of your prospective buyers, and you know they live somewhere nearby. Just type in “[your city] yard sale” in the Facebook search bar to see if there are any groups you can join.

What is your best tip or trick for selling your stuff online?

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