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Crafts & DIY Projects · How To Make A Brown Paper Goodie Bag!

How To Make A Brown Paper Goodie Bag!

I’ve been working on a “top secret” project this week, but I know I can trust you to keep my confidence so I’ll share the secret with you. 🙂 It’s a “goodie” bag for my fellow panelists at Alt Summit this week. It’s not quite “ready for prime time” so I’m keeping the details under wraps, but I wanted to share something that I ran across while trying to figure out what to put my “goodies” inside of.

I remember bookmarking this idea from Oh Happy Day quite awhile ago because I thought it was just so dang adorable! I thought it would make the perfect DIY bag for this “top secret” project…but alas, I just couldn’t quite make it work for what I have in mind. But it’s STILL dang adorable so I decided to show you how to make one anyway! Because I have nothing ELSE to do this week!  😉

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a paper craft so I was pretty excited to try this. I just love that it’s made out of plain brown paper. I don’t know why, but I have definitely got a thing for brown kraft paper. It’s such a blank canvas that can be dressed up or dressed down and has a natural vibe that I love.

Anyway, Oh Happy Day has done the hardest part of this paper craft for us…the template! All you have to do is go to this webpage and look for FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE. Click on it, download it and print it out. You’ll only need one copy because you are going to use the same template 4 different times.

(This is what you are looking for.  You’ll need to scroll down the page a bit.)

(Oh Happy Day website)

Once you print it and cut it out…you are ready to go. You will need a roll of brown paper, the thicker the better. Butcher paper would be great…mine is just a roll of mailing paper that I picked up at the grocery store. It’s nice and thick. I also tried this with a roll of brown gift wrapping paper I had…but it didn’t work as well because it was a bit on the thin side.

You’ll need a piece that is at least 18 by 24 inches. I just unrolled the paper and started tracing. As you can see from the picture you are going to start with the template in one corner, flip it horizontally, then vertically, then one more time horizontally. Make sense? Use a pencil so you can erase any unnecessary lines.

After you’re done tracing the template 4 times…it’s time to cut the whole thing out. I love that it’s just one big piece! So simple.

The last thing you’ll do before assembling it is take your Xacto knife and cut the slits and cut out the handle opening. You could do it with scissors, but if you have an Xacto knife, it’s much easier and cleaner-looking.

It’s going to want to roll up on itself, but that’s ok. Once it’s assembled it won’t matter.

Now take both of the ends with the slits in them and overlap them, lining up the slits.

Weave the handle through both slits. Now repeat on the other side.

And that’s it! You have just made a darling brown paper bag for filling up with a picnic lunch or whatever your imagination can conjure up! 🙂

Thanks Oh Happy Day for making my day oh-so-happy!

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