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Crafts & DIY Projects · How To Make A Cute And Easy Apron Out Of A Dish Towel

How To Make A Cute And Easy Apron Out Of A Dish Towel

If I can sew these cute aprons, anyone can!

I do own a sewing machine, but I wouldn’t consider myself much of a seamstress. My mom taught me how to do simple clothing repairs years and years ago, and I haven’t really used my sewing machine for much else. But when I saw this project, it looked so simple and so genius that I knew I wanted to give it a try! So just trust that when I say a sewing project looks easy enough, that pretty much ANYONE could do it!

This project involves turning a dish towel and a length of ribbon into a custom waist apron. These aprons are perfect for avoiding those spills and splatters that seem to gather around your mid-section while cooking or baking. They’re also nice to wear just to have a place to wipe your hands while you work!

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I think that one of these aprons would make a great handmade gift for the cooks in your life! Here’s how to make them.

Dish Towel Apron

You’ll need:


Start by folding your dish towel in half width-wise, so the pattern is on the outside.

Pinch the edge of the fabric about 1″ back from the fold you just created.

Push your finger against the fold to flatten it. Lay the towel down flat (or as flat as you can while still holding the pleat.) Use a pin to secure the pleat in place.

Next, you’ll create two more pleats, one on either side of the center pleat. Fold the dish towel again (with the pattern still facing out), so that the edge of the towel meets the center pleat.

Grasp the edges about 1″ back from the fold, then press your finger against it to flatten it. Lay the towel out, and secure the second pleat.

Repeat the steps above to create your third pleat on the opposite end of the towel.

Once your three pleats have been pinned, it’s time to get sewing! Use your sewing machine to sew the three pleats in place.

Don’t worry about how your sewing job looks here, since you’ll be covering the are with ribbon shortly.

Once the towel is done, you’ll prepare your ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around your waist, plus enough extra length to be able to tie it on.

If your sewing machine has decorative stitches, you might choose to add one to your ribbon at this point. I love this vine-like stitch that our production manager Brittany found programmed into my sewing machine!

Line up the center of the ribbon with the center of the top of the pleated dish towel, and secure it in place using a pin.

Using a straight or zig-zag stitch, sew around the perimeter of the ribbon in a large rectangle to secure it to the dish towel.

All done! I mean, come on… look how cute these turned out! Who would have thought it would be this easy to create an adorable, custom apron? Definitely not me! 🙂

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